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  1. ElderWarden

    [HD/Modeling] Need Fel and Hell doodad [Reforged]

    Hello there! I don't know how to create reforged models so I ask here. Someone could create any fel doodad or hell doodad in reforged. Like Walls for demons with crackles, in the right color theme, with spike. Some statue, props and lava fall. (Why not a lava reforged aswell) To create a...
  2. you will be remembered and missed 12 dollar bills and 4 pennies (Jan 19, 2019) (Media Version)

    you will be remembered and missed 12 dollar bills and 4 pennies (Jan 19, 2019) (Media Version)

    https://www.hiveworkshop.com/pastebin/0b57be0a08727a64f179ff502b1f03d319285/ = media version jic i might get rid of it as keeping it as on the pastebin also. | or ask me where to get rid of it if wanted. :)
  3. Toast


    The father and son engaging into some (cruel and evil) family time along their wicked and cannibalistic servants. You can see the size comparisson between the two.
  4. Chaos Demons

    Chaos Demons

    HD Army V0.3
  5. Haunted Remnant[standart On Hell]

    Haunted Remnant[standart On Hell]

  6. FeruEnzeruJKun

    Tilesets fitting for Every Halloween (Ideas)

    I liked to inform you guys about something very important for every Halloween. What i like about Warcraft Halloween, is something for us to do. I would liked to make ideas of something involving aberration, chaos, death, orc (goblin, troll and ogre) and void themes. Here's a list: 1...
  7. HD Army V0.1

    HD Army V0.1

    Fire and Chaos. Pain and Suffering. Blood and Death. The Demons of the Eternally Burning Hell. For centuries the passage has been sealed, but the Chaos is not a power to be restrained. It always grows. And when it grew to the sizes exceeding the boundaries of Hell, even the Hell started to crack...
  8. Neruvatar

    [Role Playing Game] Kalak'a'hui - Phase 1 Version 3.10c Released [17.9.2018]

    TEST MAP P1V3 IS NOW OFFICIALLY RELEASED! Important Notice: Map Version will be revamp into Phase and Versions. Current Test Map is P1V3 (Phase 1 Version 3). Phase 1 : Gateway to Hell First theme where the character journeys to the Gate of Hell. Phase 2: Hellfire Second theme where the...