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  1. Grimsnarl

    [Solved] Raising the Terrain Height Beyond its Limit in 2023

    Hello! This particular question has already been answered in the past directly and solutions given with tutorials... for more than 10 years ago. In that time, we've been through the reforging of the entire game. Has anything changed regarding this particular matter of increasing the terrain...
  2. HerlySQR

    [Solved] Calculating a variable difference of heights

    I wanna create a lightning that comes from point a to point b using timer, but I wanna also change the height of the other extreme of that lightning that goes from the height of point a to b, taking into account that these can also vary, how must I calculate the height of each moment?
  3. Gumberbunbder

    [General] Change Camera Height in Region

    I'm making a mult-level city out of walkable doodads and I need a camera system which will change a players camera height depending on which level of the city their camera is centered on. I currently have this, but how do I make it functional for multiple players? I don't know anything about...
  4. Verdun

    What would be the best, easiest way to have underground units move?

    It's a realtively basic feature in many games, the idea being that you order a unit to burrow underground, but instead of being static, you can still order it to move around, like it was digging a tunnel, and this could be used to avoid terrain obstacles and the like. My initial idea was to...
  5. Gauda

    [General] Raising entire map

    Hello everyone, i have a little problem with a map. What i did: In the early phase of the map i wanted to make a map nearly without the cliff-stuff and just make hills etc. with the height tools. I already made some stuff on the map and didn´t wanted to copy much stuff so i tryed to lower the...
  6. HerrDave

    World Editor camera problem

    For some reason, my camera/view is floating about .500 above the normal level. When I zoom all the way in - it stops at about the middle of a lordaeron tree's height. When I swap from Doodads/terrain/units/region to camera - it fixes itself, but only so long as I am in that tab. While it is...