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  1. inactive forever


  2. Cheshire

    what projectile model to use with unit?

    hey all, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this (you always know it's gonna be good when it starts like that...) but I would like some advice on what projectile model would look good getting thrown by this troll medium model by @Skipper. (as of now I have it throwing a skull...
  3. New Shakral head_WIP #6 - Final!!!

    New Shakral head_WIP #6 - Final!!!

  4. New Shakral head_WIP #5 - Final!

    New Shakral head_WIP #5 - Final!

  5. New Shakral head_WIP #4 - Final?

    New Shakral head_WIP #4 - Final?

  6. New Shakral head_WIP #3

    New Shakral head_WIP #3

  7. New Shakral head_WIP #2

    New Shakral head_WIP #2

  8. New Shakral head_WIP #1

    New Shakral head_WIP #1

  9. New Shakral head_WIP #0

    New Shakral head_WIP #0

    Reach achieve any result? I want to change the standard "Green Dragon" head. But if I can? Help please advice. I will show the sketches with in first comment.
  10. Epic Producer

    Request Loading Screen and Campaign Screen

    Everytime I make a loading/campaign screen, its black. My request is simple. I need a loading and campaign screen. BTW: Jaina is the requested loading/campaign screen. +REP
  11. Epic Producer

    [Import] What Path?!

    Okay, my last question. I tried to make the night elf archer to Nightmare's golden light archer... (CREDITS TO NIGHTMARE) using model editor by changing its material... the problem is idk its path... plz help... FIXER +rep +follow (you are my true hero) PS How to find its path? plz explain :p...
  12. Ungoliath

    Problem with "Head Lock On" trigger

    Hello! I've encountered a weird bug (or something like it). I'm using this model: RPG Hero: Human Villager I had the unit lock its head on another unit, which worked fine. I lowered his animation speed to make the head turn more smoothly - again, no problem. Now, after importing some custom...
  13. BrothForMyPeople

    Adding one model's head to another model's body

    Hi there I'm totally newbie in model editing. I love Blizzard's Assassin Model, looks so gothic, but I always hated that cloak, those shoulder-wings(?), and bugged head, so I cut them all off (see attached file). My question is how to add a head to this model, a head of, for example, night elf...
  14. Diegoit

    SIMPLE re-edit model

    Open these spoilers 1 2 Models by Cuore, i dont ask him this because i annoy too much :). THANKS
  15. Yours Truly

    Model Request: Replacing a model's head with another one.

    Hello there :D Can anyone replace the head of this model (also remove his helmet) with this model's head? Permission has been given by Stefan.K for his Footman Leader model but Tenebrae hasn't been online for 6 years so I can't get his permission for his RPGVillager model. Thanks,in advance.