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game of thrones

  1. DragonPit


    I tried to imitate from HOTD to make a Dragon pit model,it has finished when episode 2 released, I just painted it in recent days, enjoy.
  2. Loki18

    [SD/Modeling] Can we have Dragons

    Can we have some different dragons for our future maps? I prefer for Classic version Like Got/HotD, The Hobbit/LotR, Reign of Fire style ones. "Wyverns" just like olof's Lindormr Dragon and would love them to have air/ground morphs for cinematics or whatever reason. Fyi. I know the difference...
  3. Targaryen General

    Targaryen General

    From the westeros mod of Medieval II: Total War,i wanna him as Daemon Targaryen. Animation from Arthas
  4. Tyrell Elite

    Tyrell Elite

    Tyrell Elite (From the westeros mod of Medieval II: Total War)
  5. Tyrell Elite

    Tyrell Elite

    Tyrell Elite (From the westeros mod of Medieval II: Total War)
  6. James7

    [Strategy / Risk] Game Of Thrones Conquest Reforged

    Game Of Thrones Conquest Reforged Reforged Graphics Required! Map is meant for Online FFA Diplomacy I have been tinkering with this map for awhile now and thought I should ask some public opinion. The terrain of the Seven Kingdoms done and am now working on lesser Houses as of now. Gameplay...
  7. Amigoltu

    [Spoilers GoT] Battle of Winterfell Tactics

    Greetings everyone. This may be sort of a strange post, but, maybe, someone will find it interesting. And, of course, I get to vent my frustration and express my thoughts, so here goes... So, the Battle of Winterfell... While it definitely had it's moments, personally, I was just blown away by...
  8. PartumCreed

    Looking for Game of Thrones maps!

    Hello there, I'm a huge GoT fan but I can't seem to find any decent maps made based on the series. If you happen to know a map or two, please do let me know.
  9. tyci

    [Role Playing Game] Throne of Azora: Revelation

    -Tyci Presents- The Story: The Prince of Azora- Prince Agamand has chosen four people to be his personal bodyguards during a war with the Swit Empire; Ethan Longdarion, Sardan Roux, Sir Mogyus and Kobo. They must overcome their personal issues for the greater good and to serve...
  10. khangus

    Warcraft Diplomacy

    Hi everyone. Please help me out with my idea about a muliplayer game of Diplomacy on warcraft engine. Please note that i am not a native english speaker. the idea is to introduce a new game GENRE = the Diplomacy my way is: - it is in Warcraft (not in cards, not in real military technologies...
  11. tyci

    [Cinematic] Throne of Azora: The Beginning

    -Tyci Presents- Map Info: In the kingdom of Azora there lived Ethan Longdarion, a boy whose dream was to join the army and win wars. Shortly after signing up, his dreams are ratified by the true horrors of war. All is not dark however, as Ethan finds a few companions with whom...