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  1. pyf

    Metro: last light Redux, free on the Epic Games store (limited time offer)

    Metro: last light Redux is available for free until February 11, 2021. An Epic Games Store account is required to claim the game. Metro Last Light Redux - EPIC Games Store Metro: Last Light - Wikipedia
  2. InsaneMonster

    Thimas Symphony

    Hey there, I'm sharing on YouTube a compilation of tracks composed by my father for a Pen and Paper RPG I've been playing with my friends for... years. All the tracks are original, made specifically for that game but I think some of you may like it. It's the best we could do without actually...
  3. Cheshire

    [Altered Melee] Hero names

    hey all, In the map I'm working on I have 2 custom heros (out of a total 11) which I'm afraid are too similarly named. currently "Puppetmaster"(mind control themed) and "master of illusions". the general theme is trolls. I wanted to hear some opinions if they are to similarly named...
  4. Lord_Marrowgrath

    Lord_Marrowgrath's Music

    Hello. I started to learning midi-keyboard and recording some epic dramatical music scores. Those are my works: Amateur Ambiance Music 1-) Betray 2-) Wake 3-) Guide 4-) Broken Lady 5-) Souls 6-) Ocean 7-) Changes :cool: Comedy 9-) Dark Knight Mesiah Soundtrack 10-)...
  5. esdo

    [Hero Arena] Arena based on World-PVP

    I really like "Angel Arena" - i Think the idea is great, even tho it is implemented horribly. For those who don't know, Angel Arena is a Hero Arena type map that combines PVP and PVE elements. Players need to farm mobs to gain levels and gold at the same time they fight ( or avoid ) players...
  6. Acutesharpness

    [Aeon of Strife] Back with a new Project!

    Hey everyone, for those who played my maps, I am back with another AOS project! Let me know what you will like but I am going to improve terrain this time into development. The balance will be more serious and more toward player skill based instead of a more fun approach. The name of the game...
  7. Sapprine

    [Campaign] I need feedback...

    My One Map Campaign called Founding A Nation is still in development and coming along nicely so far. Making this 256x256 campaign is tiresome work, especially because I'm doing this alone. But it is time I'm going to ask some feedback... Here are some Question Polls that you may answer by...
  8. Sapprine

    [Campaign] One map campaign

    I'm making an 256x256 barrens Orc Campaign starring: Thrall Hellscream, Cairne Bloodhoof, Vol'Jin, Gar'Thok and Naz'grel. Roughly 45% of the map has already been filled with beautiful valleys, Canyons, Chaotic Crevasses slicing true the desert, The grassy landscapes of Mulgore, Former Ogrimmar...
  9. 3PYg


    Hi. My name's 3PYg. Nothing more I could say by now, updates will follow when I'm in a better mood for thinking. Kind Regards 3PYg:hohum:
  10. Elenai

    -Elenai's Comic Gallery-

    -Elenai's Epic Productions- A more fitting place for my works to flourish.