1. Custom Environment | Nerzhul

    Custom Environment | Nerzhul

  2. HerrDave

    What is this error?

    Howdy folks, Davey-boy here with a question about the World Editor As of a patch or two ago, I've been seeing this when I open my map: What is causing this? A loooong time ago I had to do something to the game (Can't recall exactly what, but it included the MiscData.txt file) to allow for...
  3. Custom Environment

    Custom Environment

  4. SevLlanto

    Cabin in the woods Elf Reforged

    Something I did last year and never posted. A quiet afternoon in the woods... As always the process here
  5. SevLlanto

    Jungle Reforged Terrain Art

    I am happy to share the images of this nice project. The idea started 4 months ago as a creation of a wallpaper (like previous works that I shared) is set in the jungle, based mainly on an image from "CallOfDuty BlackOps - Cold War" As I elaborated the terrain and the environment, I...
  6. Jungle Reforged

    Jungle Reforged

    Jungle Reforged - Posted in Terrain & Level Design forum
  7. Anton Wulff Jensen

    How do I make a "moving breath of fire", and how do I make doodads (like rocks) block its effect?

    I am trying to make a dragon boss-fight, and I want to make a breath of fire spell, that makes the dragon spew fire in a circular movement around it. And on top of that, I'd like to know how to make environment, such as a large rock or stone-pillar, capable of blocking the spell. So that if...
  8. Mathayis

    Mountain doodads and rock walls request

    Hey there! Yet another little request :) What I'm looking for is some high quality Cave/Rock wall doodads along with some Mountains /rocks...Grass.... While I could make do with some of the doodads here, I'm kinda interested in finding the best of the best just to make the terrain in my Rpg...
  9. itsTrixyB11TCH

    Terrain - Change terrain type using For each (Integer A)

    Must be in GUI, possibly with custom scripts. if impossible to do so, JASS can be used instead with a greater explanation, since I've never used JASS. I've been looking around the hws, and I'm a bit confused? I've been working on a TD, where you vote for the track to be used. The voted track...
  10. Jaccouille

    What do you use docker for?

    I used to make VM with virtualBox to make small development environment, for testing new language, recently I got some issue with them and lost time reinstalling some. I've heard about docker for years, but didn't take the time to look at it before, now I am looking at tutorials to set up...
  11. Wark

    [Template / Terrain] Environmental Effects

    There's something I have not seen on Hive as of yet: the use of terrain-based environmental effects. What do I mean? Well, I'm glad you asked! You know how in certain MOBA-styled games you can hide in bushes? Ever wonder why the lava in some maps doesn't burn your units? Well, I want to make...
  12. johannesr

    johannesr's art showcase

    So i suddenly remembered this place exists and got hit with dem nostalgias. My love for landscapes started with the terrain board after all. Thought i'd show you some of my latest art. More stuff seen here JKRoots on DeviantArt
  13. raco12

    [General] I can change Size of a map once its already created?

    I am creating a blank base map with all the units, buildings and heroes that I will use later in the campaign I am planning to do, but I do not know if you can change the map environment, size without losing the units created and imported or easily passed them To all to a new map without need of...