1. R_Reaper

    Basic (existing) abilities and spell modding (data fields) in MPQ

    Hi all! I run some turns in the staff contact where to put this thread: hopefully this is the proper place. I wish to get help how to edit and modify basic (existing by base) abilities and spells in MPQ. Means: game MPQ -> NOT the map MPQ! In a more concrete way: which data fields used by...
  2. Retera

    Tool Idea - Warsmash Modding Engine

    I'm working on trying to create a tool idea that is taking me a long time to make, and I am only a hobbyist so there are times when progress for me is very slow. The premise is quite simple: all of my experiences trying to create mods for Warcraft III led me to the conclusion that the power to...
  3. Cheshire

    [Spell] simple damage engine

    hey there, I'm trying to make a spell that very basically modifies the attack of some units ( I just want to make "all picked units" attack for X% more damage when they attack units belonging to player Y ). I am having trouble detecting a few aspects necessary for this - how much damage the...
  4. Wice engine drawing

    Wice engine drawing

    It creates kind of unique wc3 pixel art..
  5. S

    Starting back

    I want to make my own engine again. But this time it's gonna be a simpler one as the first attempt to make my own from scratch where a maximal failure. So I'm gonna make a raycaster engine instead. I have been inspired by the downloadable Raycaster Game Maker engine from the beginning. A...
  6. BrothForMyPeople

    Question about WC3 models

    Hi I own only Wings of Liberty. I didn't buy next expansion because I don't like playing Zerg, especially rpg Rexxar campaign-style as it is. With time I forgot about SC2 and I skipped Protoss campaign as well. As for the question: can I use WC3 units in Starcraft editor having just WoL?
  7. Maximum_Evil

    I really hate the new Search system

    I really like the new Site design, but... In the resource filter of the model section, I cant put in any keywords. And the search bar in the top corner you search the entire Hive site... The Advanced search doesn't help either, because I check 'Models' and I still get random other stuff (like...