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  1. McPhisto2051

    Making easy dialog buttons for e.g. a simultaneously vote for all players (just in GUI)

    I read many threads from people complaining about dialog buttons and didn't use it proper myself before today. Even if it takes probably longer clicking the triggers in GUI this should be an easy example of how a dialog for multiple players in just GUI may work. First of all you need some...
  2. Epic Producer

    Score Screen Icon?

    Is there anyway to make a certain custom Icon have a score screen icon? I have tried the Button Manager but I cat find which is the score screen... +REP
  3. Jason56_34

    [General] Vision For Players Dialog

    Is there a way where you can choose whether you cannot see youre teammates or you can see them? In Dialog style. And what is the trigger for when you lose a vision to a teammate.? sorry for my bad English ;w; +REP
  4. Paillan

    Various things with Witch doctor

    Hello everyone! This request should be somewhat easy. I say somewhat because half the work is done. The requests are as follows: A) Add hero glow to the witch doctor unit (I tried and sucked at it) B) Add hero glow to the uploaded model and make the blade visible ingame (for some reason it...
  5. Thiiago

    [Texture editor] An futuristic colone project.

    Hi, I'm currently working on a future-themed project, but I do not know anything about texture editing (actually, I'm awful at designer), okay. On my map you have 5 types of "settlers" or you can call them Units as well. - Medic: for aid wounded members - Biologist: for aid with colone food...
  6. Thiiago

    Archer in Watcher, simple UV-maps

    I just need an "Night Elf Watcher" model, with the "Night Elf Archer" revisted with texture or skin :/ ps: dont worry with helmet I'll remove it later.. I just need help with the "UV-maps" because i dont know how use her correct. Can help-me please?
  7. deepstrasz

    Easy to make Illidan skin please

    Hi you guys. I would really love it if someone could edit the Evil Illidan skin to add a cauterized cut on his right front chest. Here's where you can get the reference from: (0:40 onward). Note that in the video the wound is not cauterized/healed. I need it to look as if it's not bleeding...
  8. D

    [Escape / Maze] Platform Escape EZPZ

    Update: Your boy jondrean had the map in Downloads folder and reinstalled WC3 as the patch didn't work on EU servers. Development has been delayed by 3254 years. Thanks for your patience! The idea is based on Platform Escape by gameslayer001. The name "Platform Escape EZPZ" is a parody of there...
  9. Times

    Simple Sound Merge on Model

    Hello, I'd be very thankful if someone could either: - Personally do - Link me a tutorial about - Tell someone to do placing a sound on the normal attack animation of this model: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/adwanced-marine-light.49031/#resource-22178 I think it's okay to do it without...