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    Map Page Preview
  2. Wadjet

    VoD Previews

    Some screens and a gif from Vault of Darkness. A dungeon crawler mod I've been working on. Click on enlarge.
  3. Xardian

    Dark Fantasy MP Rogue-Lite recruitment

    Hello fellow Hiveminds, I am looking for some helping hands in my project, working title "The far depths" The game is primarily a dungeon crawler and will feature several Game modes to play in. I am going for a Survival-Horror look and feel, which is going to hammer home the fear and dread that...
  4. TD_PRO_2006

    [Development] Valley of Decay: Standalone

    Hello dear hive people! :) I am the creator of Valley of Decay Rpg. In case you don't know it yet, here is the link: Valley of Decay Rpg v1416d I am developing a java game for about 3 years now. Its multiplayer, it's Java standalone, it's without any limits. Main features are an ingame auction...
  5. Demetris Nikolaou

    LF an RPG/Dungeon Crawler map to play with friends

    Hello, I am fairly new to this forum, and I was wondering if anyone could help us learn more maps to play. I am looking for a 2-3 player map that is quite similar to the maps we have already played. This are the maps we enjoyed so far starting from No.1 as our most favorite . 1) Sunken City 2)...
  6. Maxwell

    [Campaign] Kobold's Legacy

    Kobold's Legacy - is Rogue-like project for Warcraft lll. The project will be released as a campaign which will contain the Main Game and Game Modes. Right now it's just at the phase of dungeon crawler mode named Underground Arena which brings a multitude of items, creatures, bosses and rooms...
  7. Lord_Earthfire

    [Defense / Survival] Invasion on Az'kar, a dodging based hero survival

    Invasion on Az'kar Created by Lord_Earthfire Map Description Deep in the undergrounds of Azeroth, a dungeon is hidden which belonged to the old demon lord Az'kar. His remains still collects beings from every part of azeroth and turns them into his willless minions. From time to time...