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  1. SnowTauren

    [Need Help] - $5 on Paypal if you help me - Enable/disable ability on unit summon/death

    Goal: Make Rexxar from Heroes of the storm that has summon Misha as Q ability and E as mend pet ability that heals Misha. What I need help with: 1. Disable mend pet for Rexxar when Misha is dead(not hide) only disable. 2. Enable mend pet for Rexxar when Misha is summoned back again with Q...
  2. Maldiran

    [General] Attack icon disappear after trigger

    I have a problem with this. Disabling Attack 0 makes attack icon disappear: I don't know why does it disappear. Is there any way to disable this attack without hiding an icon?
  3. AngelCraft

    [JASS/AI] An Attack (Missile type) that does not generate alerts to the enemy. (Tutorial still in testing )

    The method: It is simply based on the Barrage ability, which you can use on a unit that has a missile-type attack. The Barrage ability will only take effect on one unit, and this will be the same unit that attacks (Self). Using a damage system like Bribe's, you can see that the attacking unit...
  4. ravellani

    [Solved] How does "Set Unit Weapon Boolean Field" Work?

    I am working on the Mana Shield ability and I have a trigger that when a unit uses mana shield it checks for a buff that it gives and disables the units attack. I think the above action can do it because it disables the attack when used but it does not reactivate it. I will post the trigger, the...
  5. Tom_Almighty1

    Disable Ability Animations

    Guys is there a way to disable ability animations? Like how Windwalk or Beserk does, no animation. I am using 1.31.
  6. Donut78

    [Solved] Disable Slope Limits in New Version?

    Unfortunately it seems the route of modifying the MiscData file in the old versions of the editor is no longer doable. I can't find a MiscData file anymore, and knowing modern day Blizzard, they probably stuck that resource somewhere out of public reach. :( Has anyone dug around enough to find...
  7. El Saif

    [Spell] Harvest ability bug

    So, i planned to make the harvest ability to be able to use if only there is a specific unit exist. I tried to set the Techtree Requirements to the required unit. Yes it works that the ability is disabled until the specific unit exist BUT it is still clickable. It's very annoying. Any thoughts?
  8. Cizqué

    Random (Number) (GUI)

    Hello, I have made a working random hero trigger, my issue with it though is that i want to disable hero picks with it aswell. Let’s say i random a Paladin Hero , if a paladin hero is created i want to somehow make the random unable to choose a paladin again (for the rest of the game). Is...
  9. Uncle

    Unit - Disable Ability not working correctly

    I am trying to disable the Berserk ability and then re-enable it for a specific unit. Disabling it works, however, re-enabling it does not. Check the picture below #6 to see an example. The first loop (disabling it) works, but the second one (re-enabling) doesn't work. I've tested it, and both...
  10. The_Warchief

    Spell: "Waking Nightmare"

    Hey all! Trying to get a custom spell to work for my latest campaign project and I can't quite seem to get it to work the way I want. It's called "Waking Nightmare," and basically it's a Sleep spell where the target doesn't wake up if they take damage and they take periodic damage during the...
  11. Diegoit

    [Spell] Disable mana regen spell

    As tittle said :D Or just tell me how can i disable mana regen temporaly with triggers. Thanks ;)
  12. thorlar

    [Solved] How to disable the Menu(F11)

    So, I would like to make every player (Multiplayer map) unable to "click"/access F11(in worst case, disable it). In other words, to make F11 non-accessible by anyone :wink: I am open to any solution, as long the map is playable multiplayer ofc :cute:
  13. hypsandar

    [General] How to disable building in a certain region?

    I'm working on a new version of my map, (cant be found on Hive yet, its listed at makemehost.com) How can I disable building in a certain region? There's this no pvp safe zone, which is the spawn area and err, I don't want players to build there. Its a city with shops, trainers, etc.