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  1. chunchunmaru

    [Trigger] How do I show a dialog box when an item is bought?

    Here are my triggers. I want to show a dialog when I buy the item but it's not working and idk what I'm doing wrong... CraftBuy Events Unit - A unit Acquires an item Conditions (Item-type of (Item being manipulated)) Equal to Craft an Item Actions Item -...
  2. Helheim

    [Trigger] Hide Dialog button for player. (Solved)

    Hi! 1. Is it possible to hide a dialog button for a specific player? GUI certainly can't do it, but perhaps it's possible with the Jass magic? 2. If not - is it possible to show each player his own dialog (all in the same time), using the same dialog buttons for everyone? Thanks for help! Upd...
  3. Torgrimw

    Hello, need help with trigger/dialog for spawning 1 of 3 different units depending on the players' choice

    I am trying to create a dialog of three choice buttons at the start of the game for every player. So far I've only made it to actually spawn a unit for red (tried multiplayer with blue, and it didn't work). I hope you can see clearly the attached images. So works for red, but not for blue.
  4. McPhisto2051

    Making easy dialog buttons for e.g. a simultaneously vote for all players (just in GUI)

    I read many threads from people complaining about dialog buttons and didn't use it proper myself before today. Even if it takes probably longer clicking the triggers in GUI this should be an easy example of how a dialog for multiple players in just GUI may work. First of all you need some...
  5. Knight of Arsford

    [General] Dialogue Choices for RPGs

    Has anyone ever tried making a dialogue system that allows players to choose dialogue for their own characters? If not, do you think something like this can be implemented in a map? Obviously there's the dialog boxes and buttons but it doesn't really fit that much text and it also blocks out...
  6. HerlySQR

    Do you know a efficient way to make dialogues for more than 1 player?

    I wanna make dialogues that can be for more than 1 player, but I have to deal with memory leaks (clean the group), adding conditions, skip the dialogue if the player wanna, make it MUI (or the equivalent for players) can you help me?
  7. Uncle

    Issues with creating a Dialog (Lua)

    So the issue is weird. This code works as it should: function Test() DialogTest = DialogCreate() DialogAddButtonBJ(DialogTest, "TEST") DialogDisplayBJ(true, DialogTest, Player(0)) end It creates the Dialog and everything works fine. However, the problem occurs when trying to run...
  8. DrTema

    Disconnection dialog text

    Hello, I was looking for really long time, but how do I change text if disconnection dialog? I have some maps that shows different from standard text on disconnection dialog window. I could not find any info how to change this.
  9. BradPittlord

    Dialog Box Problems

    Making a Dialog box with multiple buttons and certain buttons open other dialog boxes with multiple buttons and a Back button. For some reason I can't get it working, when I click "Normal Settings" it opens up "Entropy Settings" but some times it doesn't. Within "Normal Settings" the...
  10. Yui Moe

    [Rich Dialog] How to present rich content in a dialog?

    Hello everyone, I am new to dialog part in GUI trigger :) As far as I know, we can only make either title or button for dialog. However, what if I want to have rich content like: <h1>main header</h1> <h3>subtitle 1</h3> <p>paragraph 1</p> <button>button 1</button> <h3>subtitle 2</h3>...
  11. dfxiispro

    [Solved] Removing Dialog Buttons from dialog after button is pressed

    Hi, Is there anyway to create a dialogue that once a button within it is pressed, that button is removed and does not appear in the dialogue when it is shown again?
  12. dfxiispro

    [Solved] Deleting Dialog buttons one by one

    Hi, I am currently attempting to make a dialog with 4 buttons, as each button is pressed, it is removed from the dialog that reappears after the text. While I could do it in a long way of clearing the dialog and recreating it, it is messy and easily leads to a loop where buttons are removed...
  13. rufreakde

    [General] Dialog Timeout Not Working

    Hey, I tried a timeout for the Dialog. "Wait Gametime" and also normal "Wait"! But it does not work! It only gets executed after I press a button... What do I do wrong? CreateTeamDialog Events Time - Elapsed game time is 1.00 seconds Conditions Actions Dialog -...
  14. Prometheus3375

    Dialog and Alt+F4 display bug

    In my map in multiplayer the first button of any dialog displays the time for selection an option. If the option is not selected and time is out, the first option is applied. After that the dialog is hidden and cleared. And I got a little problem with timed dialogs. Player presses Alt+F4 during...
  15. konradt

    Trigger to notify players about others' race/class choice at startup

    There's this map [Miscellanous / Other] - Northrend Bound: v1.84 Open Source which I'm doing some small changes on. The map is for 8 players and people are a little frustrated if many of the players choose the same race/profession. So I was hoping to add a text notification function to the...
  16. Death Adder

    local player dialog buttons?

    Does it work? Or will it Desync? I want to use a single dialog variable, but add/show different buttons depending on the player. I would've tested if it works myself, but JNGP's multiplayer emulation isn't working for me for some reason. (I've used it before though.)
  17. hypsandar

    [General] Song vote system?

    I was wondering how to setup a voting system upon what song should be played. For example, a player can call a vote to play a new song or set the first song by typing "-song". However there would be a limit, you cant call a vote if one was already called for in the past 800 seconds. The song...