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  1. HerlySQR

    How get the information of an item just with the type-id? (Or at least help me with the function)

    Hello, I'm creating a save-load system, also a menu for that, it shows what items have, for the charged items I wanna also show how many charges have, the thing is I don't know how to get if a item is charged only with the type-id so I opted to create the item for get that information, the thing...
  2. HerlySQR

    [Crash] My map has bugs

    I made a map in the 1.26, but I played it in a 1.27 server and has bugs and the disconects, I don't know if its for desyncs or is for the version, because I also tested it in the 1.26 and the game just crashes and they happen randomly and not in a moment that I know I used "GetLocalPlayer", what...
  3. OverClocked

    Custom UI Icon Desync

    So i have this function and this trigger: and the idea is when the spell is cast to give the hero 1500 hp and show the player an icon at the bottom left with the description showing when you hover over it. And it works. But when i tested with players we all desynced. Does anyone know...
  4. Ricola3D

    Desync debugging - How to reproduce

    Hello, Players on Battlenet experience desync with my map (generaly they are 4-8 players). I also reproduced it on Battlenet games with other live players. However I don't have other players to monopolize to test over and over. I need a way to reproduce and test myself, alone. I discovered...
  5. biridius


    My map desyncs but the only places using GetLocalPlayer: 1. change unit transparency 2. change texttag text 3. show/hide multiboards 4. set camera distance, target, etc. 5. create and show a fade filter Which one of these could it be? The map triggers are here, they are in cjass (ignore the...
  6. Adorm


    Hey All, I've been having really severe problems with De-Syncing in Warcraft 3 recently. Does anyone know a workaround to fix such a problem? I'll be in the match or a custom game for a few moments (5-10min) then randomly disconnect. Sincerely, Adorm