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  1. Retera

    How Should It All Be?

    Hey guys, I had a thought about brainstorming something. I am working on making a new game on libgdx engine. I have mentioned it in several places on this site and to some people on discord, but basically the game looks like this: The premise of the game is for it to exactly match Warcraft 3...
  2. deepstrasz

    GhostWolf needs an UI maker for his web model viewer

    GhostWolf is the creator of the HiveWorkshop's web/site integrated model viewer, the MDX Sanity Tester as well as many things from which others have drawn inspiration and created tools. Model Viewer: MDX Sanity Tester: Mdx sanity tester Sanity Test | HIVE GhostWolf requires someone to design...
  3. Grish

    Request: Town/Small City Map (Layout Sketches Acceptable)

    Hi. I am looking for some design ideas for my project. I'm working on a map where 2 teams will battle in a town/small city. The idea is to have interconnecting lanes, but also make the buildings destructible for players to open new paths. Team bases will be on either side of the map, with the...
  4. HerrDave

    German Pickelhaube design rework

    I've been considering replacing the Red Insignia of the False Kaiser with the Imperial German Eagle. BUT It kind of flies in the face of the original project. What do you guys think, should I change it?
  5. M

    How to design a fun to play level?

    Everytime I create a custom campaign mission, at some point I make a big design mistake, which makes it boring (for example, I add way too many scripts to dungeon chapters). The problem is, if i change anything I'll have to remake most of my level.
  6. Mr.Goblin

    Concept Art Contest #10 - Results

    Image is courtesy of Rudy Swisswanto Bounty Hunter Contestants are to create a Bounty Hunter. A Cunning dangerous and prowling killer that is only in the game of killing for the huge bounty involved. Can be anything!: an alien chasing massive beast, an elf ranger hunting down gnolls, to a...
  7. stonneash

    Open Source: Icons' Who wore it better

    Well, I am unsatisfied with the quality of some of the blizzard icons, some of them are just screenshots of the models which, under my standard, bad I'm not very good at making icons but I will give it a shot. I will try and attach PSD files for each file below. Enjoy ;o
  8. Cokemonkey11

    New subreddit for modding-related content

    Hello, I've created a new subreddit - wc3modding • r/wc3modding - dedicated to the wc3 modding community. The point here is to be a place for community-curated modding-related news in a more prescriptive fashion than conventional forum posts. * tools, design, discussion encouraged * art, lore...
  9. Krakenn99

    Hero Design 4-Way Challenge

    The Hive Workshop The "Triggers are for smart people" Hero Challenge! Participants are to create a hero using only the object editor, using NO triggers and NO imported data. Challenger: Krakenn99 (me) Opponent(s): Voidray, BalanceDruid7(aka Dzolo), Rence Kristoff Challenge Duration: Until...