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  1. UHSFA: The Burning Legion

    UHSFA: The Burning Legion

  2. Caves'n'Hell Monsters

    Caves'n'Hell Monsters

  3. Cathedral Monsters

    Cathedral Monsters

  4. Catacombs Monsters

    Catacombs Monsters

  5. Toast


    The father and son engaging into some (cruel and evil) family time along their wicked and cannibalistic servants. You can see the size comparisson between the two.
  6. ZethHolyblade

    Setting up Stuff

    Long first post incoming, in short... I'll be glad to read any ideas that can benefit the story I'm making. So... I'm currently changing, fixing, and defining several aspects of my not-so-little fantasy story, the one where all the artworks and videos from my Fantasy Fun | HIVE and Mapping Fun...
  7. Championfighter25

    Flaws of Arkain

    We needed a ''hate'' thread sooner or later anyway, didn't we? :p Anyway, the point of this thread is to post what you find as bad, flawed, unfitting and stupid with the Arkain series and post it here. Also, though you may get this idea, this really isn't a hate thread. So it is adviced if you...
  8. Chaos Demons

    Chaos Demons

    HD Army V0.3
  9. Red Pit Lord

    Red Pit Lord

  10. SD Army V0.2

    SD Army V0.2

    Scrapped 1 unit; Added 2 new units; Changed the role of 1 old unit.
  11. SD Army V0.1

    SD Army V0.1

    Demons of the Abyss - The Bane of Mankind. Human souls, suffering and Sins is what makes them stronger. For a Demon, strength is not just power, strength is what ensures their survival... for those who are weak shall perish... And soon they are to become stronger than the Humankind...
  12. HD Army V0.1

    HD Army V0.1

    Fire and Chaos. Pain and Suffering. Blood and Death. The Demons of the Eternally Burning Hell. For centuries the passage has been sealed, but the Chaos is not a power to be restrained. It always grows. And when it grew to the sizes exceeding the boundaries of Hell, even the Hell started to crack...
  13. Jocker

    [Strategy / Risk] The Rise of Sin'Dorei

    So after a couple of months i saw at epic war what potential The Battle of Quel'Thalas had but it was rejected here because someone though the map was stolen.So i decided to revive the project even if i droped it long ago.After dealing with some matters in my real life(playing games) i decided...
  14. Neruvatar

    [Role Playing Game] Kalak'a'hui - Phase 1 Version 3.10c Released [17.9.2018]

    TEST MAP P1V3 IS NOW OFFICIALLY RELEASED! Important Notice: Map Version will be revamp into Phase and Versions. Current Test Map is P1V3 (Phase 1 Version 3). Phase 1 : Gateway to Hell First theme where the character journeys to the Gate of Hell. Phase 2: Hellfire Second theme where the...
  15. Barorque

    The Burning Legion

    The Burning Legion Hello hiveworkshop!!! This is my demon race, the Burning Legion! I'm almost done with all the units, spells and upgrades, except the heroes, I'm only beginning with them. Main Building: Citadel of Doom Can be upgraded to Citadel of Inferno (T2) - Citadel of Chaos (T3)...