1. Luashine

    [General] WorldEditor v1.29.2 deletes system's TEMP folder on launch & exit

    Edit: read the post below, it only deletes everything inside the temporary files folder. The editor version 1.29c (6060) aka release 1.29.2 will delete all files and folders where you've saved your map when it exits. 1. Open WE (need to clear registry) 2. Save new empty map in a folder you...
  2. Gauda

    [Crash] Deleting custom skill causes worldeditor crash

    I encounterd this error message today while working on a map. I wanted to replace a skill of a unit (based on endurance aura) with another skill (based on Ice arrows). So i created the new skill, changed the skills used by the unit and then i wanted to delete the old skill but everytime i try to...
  3. katho

    [General] Remove Player from a game

    Hello there, my question is: I have already have a map with 10 players, I want to delete 2 players totally from the game, I know how to remove the "slot" but can I see all the trigger where these 2 players are in? so I can remove them from this too?
  4. deepstrasz

    "Necroposting" in resource threads

    Please, I want to know who responds to my reports and who deletes my posts in resource threads. "Your post in the thread SpringFaeV2.blp was deleted. Reason: Please avoid necro-posting. We have the Site Rules for a reason." Are you SERIOUS!? To rate a resource, a comment MUST be written in...
  5. pyf

    Any program to delete useless language files?

    Does anybody know of a program, specifically designed to automatically delete useless language files in popular third-party software (VLC, CCleaner...)? Ideally, it should be able to autodetect which programs are installed. It should also offer the possibility to keep some language files based...
  6. TPE.YelloW

    Please delete my Map

    Can any Moderator Please delete my map (2) The killed forrest ? Thanks alot if you have time to do it
  7. DatBoi


    Nevermind, delete this.