1. Shandium

    My map keeps crashing and its so bizzare..

    Hey everyone , i hoped maybe some could help me because i cant figure it out.. Just like many other ppl , my maps started crashing after 1.33.. (fuck 1.33) But i could usually save them , even my 500mb+ map. I had tried to troubleshoot and find the models which would cause the crash , but it...
  2. Kick King

    [Crash] Issue with game crashing about 15 minutes into map

    Hey, So, I've been dealing with this issue of and on with my map I'm working on. (AOS) Basically almost every game, about 15 minutes in, the game freezes and then crashes. I've checking my handle count and it never goes above 9000. (lots of units on the map), and I've simulated a Memory leak...
  3. jainaproudmore

    Game Crash after clicking the play button to start the game

    Have anyone experienced the game crash when you try to start the game after the patch this month? How do I fix it because the PTR version still works but the other version keeps crashing my game when I just click play to start the game.