1. Danielstowe

    I would like to learn more about "HPET".

    I'd like to give a heartfelt welcome to all gamers and visitors alike. I wish you all the best of health. The reason for this has to do with video games. That is, I'd like to learn more about "HPET" and why it needs to be turned off in order to play games. It perplexes me a lot. Do you have any...
  2. The3X

    Warcraft 3 AI cannot learn Hero spells (fix!)

    Hey all. Since one of the latest patches, the AI in Warcraft 3 cannot choose Hero spells for their heroes. In any melee or custom map, it fails the standard AI script and somehow they don't know how to learn a hero spell. However, if the spell is learnt, they can use it like in the old days...
  3. 7oda

    Computer Controlled units casting spells.

    Hello there, hivers, It's been a long time since last I posted a question around here, and here I'm back to mapping again and of course many fundamentals were forgotten, so my question for now is as the title suggests, How to make computer controlled units cast spells?
  4. Wrda

    New Computer - Error in updating patch from 1.21b to 1.31.1

    I'm not sure if this the appropriate place, but certainly is about the patch. Just today I've installed my new computer and basically installed everything I needed. When I was about to update the patch by clicking on it came instantly with an error, an odd one: There was an error...
  5. bobadoo2

    Who is a fan of 2 Player Co-op? (heres my custom maps)

    While everyone is playing Fortnite my brother and I are still Warcraft III'n instead:D Who is a fan of 2 player co-op? Who still plays with their best friend or with family members? I have found I rather play co-op with headsets vs the computer, cause the computer never leaves the game on us...
  6. necro-mage14

    Problem with AI

    Hello Hivers, I need help with AI,I create AI with AI editor, when the computer start attacking he collect attacking units from the base but I want him to train the units for the attack, I mean how to create an AI works like warcraft III original campaigns AIs????
  7. AquaFire

    Do Computer Units Act like Neutral-Hostile?

    Hello Everyone, I am making a map that involves boss-battles, so it is important that people can switch aggro and allow other players to deal damage. However, I ran to a specific problem where a boss with a ranged attack would just change targets towards a summoned Quilboar despite having a low...
  8. PrinceYaser

    [General] Campaign Problem

    Hey guys, today I was working on my campaign. Suddenly my computer became off. Now, I reopened the campaign but my world editor don't show my campaign. Now, I've lost all my campaign informations. Can you tell me what is this issue? Fixed!
  9. Abelhawk

    Anyone know how to recover a corrupted Word file?

    I've kept a dream journal on my computer for more than six years, and this past month when I reset my computer I accidentally copied over my journal and "skipped" rather than replacing the old backup. This left me with a file without the past year's worth of dreams on it. I managed to recover...
  10. Deidara1248

    How to make Computer use custom hero?

    im new making war3 maps... i made a custom hero, the computar dont use it... im sad pls i need the triggers if its possible, create a map and upload it :c