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  1. SebioL


    I have two models in my art library with cursor detection issues on them, which makes it difficult to make it selectable (whether in WE or in-game) and when at some point we finally manage to select it, it doesn't show responses to actions of sound, whether from "What", "YesAttack", "Pissed"...
  2. Cheshire

    [General] directly change movement type

    Hey there, with all the new natives etc', is there a way to directly trigger (GUI/vjass or wtvr) changing a unit's movement type, or still only via workarounds like using morph and turning off collision? thanks!
  3. impulse

    [Solved] Unit collisions

    [SOLVED] solution= Ghost (visible) ability worked fine. introduktion to the subject. Unit collision, i have looked up for the past hour on how to fix a problem with this and i cant find any forum post that has the solution. Problem. my problem is that i am doing a maze tower defence map...
  4. HerlySQR

    Collide with a destructible/doodad? and detect if a point have water

    Can you tell me how can I detect if a destructible/doodad is on the way of a unit (including if is a large wall, I say this if you tell me "Position of destructible")? And by the way, could you tell me how do I detect if a point has water?
  5. Rykon-V73

    Help with Hellios Collision models

    I inserted the spell into my map successfully and it works! However, in the regular map, the Sun model and the others worked, and inserted the Sun.mdx into the map. For proof, I typed either war3mapImported\Sun.mdx, ReplaceableTextures\Sun.mdx or Sun.mdx. Those show properly in the Object editor...
  6. Ricola3D

    How is managed collision between units ?

    Hello, I have a hero fighting a big boss (model Pit Lord with scale x3), like shown by the image below. However when I fight to melee, my hero goes inside the ennemy selection circle, in collision with its mesh. What settings do I have to change in WE to avoid that ? I tried to change the...
  7. Champara Bros

    [Mapping] WIP Lets make a pathing tutorial!

    First of all, a message to the moderators. I request that this tutorial be not graveyarded or removed as I intend it to be a community project that will shed some light on the mistery of pathing. Introduction: Unit pathing has been an enigma for many novice WarCraft III enthusiasts from their...
  8. Deserted

    [Spell] WindWalk/Invisibility spell causes flying units lose ability to fly over terrain

    I created a custom spell that 1) adds a modified (non-hero) WindWalk ability to the target; 2) orders to use it; 3) removes it. Unfortunately, flying units under its effect can only fly over other units but not over trees or obstacles. I wonder if there is an easy way to fix this behavior.
  9. Shaeam

    [Trigger] Strange 2.5D Knockback System Issue

    To be brief; I posted this same message in bribe's 2.5D Knockback thread, but I figured this section might gain a bit more traction. I tried to get as much information that might be relevant as possible; but if I missed something please feel free to let me know. I'm currently working on a spell...
  10. TheAyalalalalon

    Projectile collisions

    Hi I am searching for a projectile system that can detect collision with units and easy to configure Which one would you recommend to me?
  11. TheAyalalalalon

    Trigger region move

    Hello I need some help with triggers I am trying to make a Region moves every .05 seconds to the position of a specific unit. Also i need that if another unit enters this region kill both Made those but did not work for me Moving Events Time - Every 0.03 seconds of game time...
  12. Bribe

    GUI Knockback 2.5D v4.2.5.0

  13. Koopa124


    I can't get the collision for this unit off. I edited it's settings so Collision Value= 0 And made a trigger turning it off. It won't work D: