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  1. LuaPirate

    Help with dota's krobelus

    I love playing offline with bots, But, i want to edit my favorite hero krobelus (death Prophet) ultimate. If it possible? I want to make her heal for each spirit hit , instead of waiting for the duration Sorry for my bad language.
  2. SgtKenny94

    Making Hero Lose HP Over Time by Item

    Hello all, I have just started using the Reforged Warcraft editor and am loving it so far. I have some basic coding skills and level design skills but am very new to it. I'm trying to make an item that has a big damage increase buff, but halves the heroes max HP when they have said item. * Im...
  3. TastyBamboo

    HQ Pokemon Styled Mini PvP/PvE

    As I terrain, I wanted to make a natural feeling and simple map to serve as a guideline and to capture the vision of the landscape. Later I'll add a more complicated version that includes names, more towns and other primary features. Ready to challenge the Elite Four? The Pokemon League is a...
  4. Xardian

    Dark Fantasy MP Rogue-Lite recruitment

    Hello fellow Hiveminds, I am looking for some helping hands in my project, working title "The far depths" The game is primarily a dungeon crawler and will feature several Game modes to play in. I am going for a Survival-Horror look and feel, which is going to hammer home the fear and dread that...
  5. Xeryxoz

    Wc3 Problem [Need Help]

    I really don't know where to put this request. I've started having problems with my WC3 a few days ago that I cannot solve on my own. Some models such as fire breath or explosion (The regular sfx for spells) suddenly disappeared, literally the models just vanished. To be more clear, they do...
  6. Kyrbi0

    What Makes Good Code?

    Hello all; quick question that will help finalize the proposed Hero Contest As you can see, it's a Contest that heavily features "Coding" as one of it's primary disciplines; the question is, how to Judge it? Upon what Criteria shall "good code" be sifted from "bad"? As you can see, there is...