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  2. Teitan

    Where to buy a ROC key?

    Hello, i wonder if there's any reliable website where i can buy a ROC cd key? so i can play bnet and use the up-to-date editor, i'm not interested on reforged graphics, i just want to play the normal W3 on bnet and be able to continue my project which i had started on the 1.31 editor, i'm...
  3. InSaNe_97

    What WarCraft III I should buy?

    Reforged or something else, I don't want to end up just with Reforged or just with the old one. Anyone, please I will need a link since I am terrible at searching it by Myself. In advice thank you.
  4. deepstrasz

    StarCraft: Cartooned

    Blizzard Entertainment has just released a game mod based on CarbotAnimations for StarCraft: Remastered. Players can enjoy ladder with friends and strangers without the need for the latter to have bought the mod. The visual artistic style of the mod is on par with CarbotAnimations videos...
  5. titans_zealot

    Should I pre order Warcraft 3 Reforged?

    I know preordering is bad, but I feel obligated to preorder a warcraft rts even if its going to be bad. Also, is there going to be a hard copy version of the game (yeah im one of those people...), cause i'd like to have a CD version of the game, but I doubt it. Any thoughts/suggestions? it's...
  6. Yours Truly

    [Solved] Adding sell-able units into another unit (via triggers)?

    Title. I can't find a trigger that adds a unit that can be bought into another unit (in this case, a building)
  7. Vanja

    How to make the bot's not attack me and how to put units in building to buy

    How to make the ai not all attack me and how to put units in building to buy !!! How to send a message to *help* , am new here so plz help me i want to make one mape look like *Chapter Seven Twillight of the Gods so you cna be this time undead