1. Droof

    [Solved] Detect Building/Structure Menu Click

    I'd like to implement a paging system for multiple structures in the building selection on a worker unit. I have two units, "Next page" and "Previous page" When the units are selected/clicked in the build menu, it should change the buildings available for the triggering player. ISSUE: The...
  2. Psychic Tower: Work in Progress № 10 [Buildup Anim]

    Psychic Tower: Work in Progress № 10 [Buildup Anim]

    Building... Construction complete!
  3. Ruvven

    Structure Costs Items To Build?

    Hello there everybody! Thanks for checking in :) I have been working on a map inspired by survival minecraft with alot of randomness, i want to be able to "chop a tree" and get wood, this part i have down pretty well, so the interesting part here is the fact that i cant for the love of god...
  4. HerlySQR

    Check if a unit build a building

    I have a units that when a tower is destroyed some of them has to replace that tower (There are a lot of towers) or build it for first time, but they can be interrumped (and in some cases locked), how can I confirm the tower was succesfully builded?
  5. HerlySQR

    [Solved] Building order

    Hello, in my map there are towers what if they are destroyed then a worker builds another in the same place and in my map are only 5 workers, so when that happens just pick someone who don't have any current order, but if the towers are destroyed and all the workers have some order so the tower...
  6. Funnybanny

    [Healer] solo farm build

    Hello fellow healer! Lets just start with, this is not the best way to farm. Get these items to make farming with your healer much better. (If you do not upgrade items it will be decent farming, but with full tier 2, its real nice) Core Items: The only items actually dealing damage to enemies...
  7. HerlySQR

    [General] How to reffer the builder in triggers?

    When a unit build an structure, how can I refer to the constructor in the trigger?
  8. Firstrun70

    List of official patches for Warcraft 3

    List of official patches for Warcraft 3 Significant patches: 1.00 ROC release 1.03 added computer difficulty (Easy Normal Insane) 1.06 redesigned attack and armor system 1.07 TFT release 1.10 CustomKeys support 1.11 (listfile) file is missing in War3patch.mpq, starting from version...
  9. SNIper of DARKness

    Death and Build animation

    Haey there, If any of you gentlemen or ladies would have the time to give this wonderful Roman Estate some build and death animations I would personally thank you utilising this website as the platform. Roman Villa Olof has since retired and is yet to be seen since May of 2017, so I don't...
  10. UmbraUnda

    Medieval Realms

    -Medieval Realms- Medieval Realms is a grand and complex RTS. It overhauls all the old WC3 systems and adds many new systems along with new mechanics for combat, construction, and much more. Test alpha map will be released soon. Still a work in progress... Inspired by Stronghold and Age of...
  11. NikAlien

    [Spell] Need help with creating "build" via "spellbook"

    I want to create a building option via spellbook. I made spells based on "Build Tiny Scout Tower" for the custom buildings i made, and i also made a spellbook for them. But every time i try to create buildings with my worker, he builds the same building. Example - I made a tent, campfire and...
  12. Mr.Rious

    Any Dwarf building?

    Hello. I'm looking for Dwarfs buildings, that I wanna use in my campagin. Any ideas?
  13. Bulish

    [General] Hero 'Build menu' ability

    Hey! I'm wondering.. Is there a way to make a hero (while keeping his spells and all) be able to build like a worker? I tried setting some abilities and statistics (unit classification) of the hero to be the same as the workers, but nothing made the build menu icon appear. Anyone solved this...
  14. TheFelorc

    Changing the Undead Summon Icon

    How can I change the Undead Summon Icon? This thread has helped 1 person! Has this thread helped you? Post a reply!