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  1. StonemaulMidget

    blp0to1, by Vexorian

    Hello Hive, this is StonemaulMidget, I wish everyone Happy Holidays! I wish we get the best gifts and start a fresh new year. Anyway, I digress. I have a Beta-to-Retail .blp file converter called "blp0to1," made by Vexorian. It appears as a black screen, but what you do is simply drop the beta...
  2. xorkatoss

    Did you know that you can view blp textures in file explorer?

    Hi everybody, first of all I wasn't sure where to post this so off-topic it is xD I was annoyed that all my blp files looked like this: and after a quick search I found a way to make them show previews in file explorer so I wanted to share: Obviously this is old and it's meant for WoW but...
  3. NChief

    Custom textures, what did I overlook?

    Greetings! I am lurking around and has been a big, unregistered fan of the forums for years. Today I decided to finally join because I just can't find a clear enough solution for my problem. I am trying to get into modding without any deep understanding or knowledge of the required softwares. I...
  4. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Texture glitch based on camera distance. Why?

    Hey, so I've got 3 textures converted to .blp with BLP Lab matching the original texture sizes from the model: 128x512, 128x512 and 256x512. They glitch if the camera is too far from them both in the editor and in the game for some reason. EDIT: discovered something in BLP Lab EDIT2: tried...
  5. BradPittlord

    Loading Screen

    Is it possible to get an 1920 x 1080 loading screen? No matter what I can only get 4 x 3 aspect ratio Tried using Loading Screen Also is there a way to hide loading bar? I tried Importing .blp textures and giving them the paths below, idk if maybe the size counts, I tried 128 x 128, and 256 x...
  6. BrothForMyPeople

    [Solved] Terran Arclite Tank - can't see the model

    Hi. It's not my model so I do not upload it in Maps & Resources, but I will upload it here and I'm going to ask you to try to import it to your random map to see if it works for you and, if yes, then help me in turn to import it to my map because I have already tried few ways and still I can't...
  7. Voxelvoid

    Importing an Icon (HELP)

    So I begin with choosing the icon I want. I want to use it for an item. So from the beginning I only downloaded the first one, the BTN. It didnt work and after searching around it seemed I needed the DISBTN too. So I downloaded that one as well. Still nothing worked. I was confused as I didn't...
  8. Zoson

    Fix Model, please :)

    Model Credits: I do not own any rights on the attached Model, either the Creator of it is known. Got the Model from http://chaosrealm.info/topic/11038294/1/ My Request: Repair Model and change its BLP file name to something more unique than "1.blp" Used for: Multiverse RPG...
  9. Woodenplank

    Missing Portraits

    None of the units in my map have visible portraits; they're all just blank, dark spots (clicking them doesn't work either). Has anyone tried this before? Could I have downloaded a .blp to a bad path? Can a trigger function do it? Is everyone as clueless as me? (without providing extra...
  10. leopold39

    Problem with model import

    Hey. I know there were ppl who had this problem (so like I do know...), I read those posts and still can't solve my problem. I tried to import 2 files (mdx and blp) - after this I saved map ofc like ppl advised, but... still my models can't upload, there are just green boxes and I have no idea...
  11. hypsandar

    [Spell] Any pre-made loading screens that i can import? Or a way to make em?

    The guide seems to be outdated.. Creating a Custom Loading Screen The website for the program needed for this is broken. So err, does anyone know a secret database of sort that contains loading screens and needed files to import them.... Hence, Google doesn't know.