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  1. Henry_AC

    [Solved] Screen issue with WE, screen, dark interface? black?

    Hello everyone, any solution? They gave me a laptop and I installed Warcraft 1.30 on it, I wanted to use WE but the screen comes out like this, no matter how much I zoom in or out, the funny thing is that you can put units or decorations because I hear that typical sound when I put or remove...
  2. Black Legion Risen Soldiers

    Black Legion Risen Soldiers

    The necromancers of the Black Legion have learned to raise the corpse of the fallen soldiers of the Black Legion.
  3. Brood Mother Black

    Brood Mother Black

  4. Troll Gatherer (Black)

    Troll Gatherer (Black)

  5. SoooK

    [Solved] My minimap stoped working

    The minimap disapeared on my custom map. It's completely black. - I used an imported file "war3mapMap.blp", but even after deleting it, my minimap stays black. - Importing it again doesn't work. - I'm currently not using any other minimap related imports - The only minimap reated trigger...
  6. sunshinex3

    DragonSpawn Simple

    Very surprised on how little dragon / dragonspawn models and icons their are on the hive. going to request a bronze and black dragon spawn model(maybe more of a green and more of a red one too) also going to have to request proper icons for these dragon spawn models; Icons Needed: black...
  7. Krakenn99

    [Spell] Black Arrow affect hero?

    The Dark Ranger's Black Arrow ability does not work on Heroes. By that I mean that I does the bonus damage, but it does not curse them so when they die they'll spawn a creep. How can I make it so that the attacked Heroes also get cursed/debuffed?
  8. _Guhun_

    Model/Skin Request: Ranged Unit

    Hey guys. I looked around for one, but could not find it at all =/ Can anyone point me to a model that is a human ranged unit that has a similar color scheme and armor style to this? Black Legion Priest If you don't know any model like this, but want to make one, that would be greatly...
  9. Yours Truly

    How do you remove these fogs.

    Hey there :D Question here,how do you remove this black fog:
  10. Black-out

    Creative robot of death seeks Hive Workshops

    ... Fzzzt! *Cough* Well good morning. A fine day to get this wicked rust off my body aye? ... Who the hell are you? -Looks around on the suprised orcs and humans- It appears that I have awakened in the wrong universe at the wrong time... Oh well, a Necron Lord like me can't ask for...
  11. Kenoriga

    Black Arrow

    Based on Dark Ranger's Black Arrow ability... "Units killed while under the effect of Black Arrow will turn into skeletons." How to Play You have to finish the opposing Black Arrow force. How? Autocast Black Arrow. Manual cast works fine too. Spam your arrows on every possible...