1. InsaneMonster

    Request about resource overwrite

    Hi there! While seeing some footage of my campaign being played with Quenching Mod, I noticed that you are overwriting some of my custom models. Specifically, if I import a custom model at a default path (I usually do this to expand on units animation) you overwrite my imported model, removing...
  2. GlassHouseTahaa

    World Editor Assets Missing?

    Hi, I'll get straight to the point. My World Editor appears to be missing assets for multiple doodads and I am wondering if anyone else is having this problem or if it is just local to me. My Warcraft III is fully updated, I do not own Warcraft III: Reforged and my World Editor is set to...
  3. Victel

    How do I add my own Models to Engine?

    I have many custom assets I can light up the modding scene with, problem is that I can't get anything into the engine. I have no way of converting my stuff to the right textures and model file types. How do I get my assets converted to the right file formats for the engine to read? Thanks