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  1. MrModify

    Rig & Animate Models w/ Blender

    How To Rig & Animate Models for use in Warcraft III This tutorial will show you how to rig and animate models for use in Warcraft 3 with Blender 2.79 using bones and keyframes. Necessary Files: Necessary Files Textures: youtu.be/3tkgLBCbitA?t=122 (@2:00) Animation Names Warcraft 3...
  2. TastyBamboo

    Animating a Texture (like blinking eyes)

    How do you animate a texture like blinking eyes on a model? Specifically, I have a model that I convert in Blender from an SMD to a MDL. I add the regular animations and textures and tags. It looks okay. But how do I animate something consistently looping like flickering fire or blinking eyes...
  3. HerrDave

    War of the Ring - Mirkwood Spider

    It is I, HerrDave and I am 100000% out of-- just-- *angry sounds* I cannot for the life of me animate this model. I need to have it's legs spread out in all animations but the standing animation, and I am being completely screwed by MdlVis. If anyone would be willing to -suffer- through...