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  1. General Zoia Blackwolf Alternate

    General Zoia Blackwolf Alternate

  2. Dark Troll High Priest Alternate

    Dark Troll High Priest Alternate

  3. Burning Blade Orc Spearthrower Alternate

    Burning Blade Orc Spearthrower Alternate

  4. Frostwolf Orc Spearthrower Alternate

    Frostwolf Orc Spearthrower Alternate

  5. Satyr Shadowdancer Alternate

    Satyr Shadowdancer Alternate

  6. Baine Old Alternate

    Baine Old Alternate

  7. Baine Alternate

    Baine Alternate

  8. Cairne Alternate

    Cairne Alternate

    Updated Version
  9. Cairne Young Alternate

    Cairne Young Alternate

    Updated Version
  10. Tauren Alternate

    Tauren Alternate

  11. Tauren Old Alternate

    Tauren Old Alternate

  12. Burning Blade Raider Spearthrower Alternate

    Burning Blade Raider Spearthrower Alternate

  13. Burning Blade Raider Spearman Alternate

    Burning Blade Raider Spearman Alternate

  14. Burning Blade Raider Alternate

    Burning Blade Raider Alternate

  15. Warsong Grunt Alternate

    Warsong Grunt Alternate

  16. Blackrock Grunt Alternate

    Blackrock Grunt Alternate

  17. Frostwolf Grunt Alternate

    Frostwolf Grunt Alternate

  18. Burning Blade Grunt Alternate

    Burning Blade Grunt Alternate

  19. Frostwolf Raider Spearman Alternate

    Frostwolf Raider Spearman Alternate

  20. Frostwolf Raider Spearthrower Alternate

    Frostwolf Raider Spearthrower Alternate

  21. Rexxar Alternate

    Rexxar Alternate

  22. Troll Hexer Alternate

    Troll Hexer Alternate

  23. Troll Hexer Alternate Masked

    Troll Hexer Alternate Masked

  24. Troll Gatherer Alternate

    Troll Gatherer Alternate

  25. Troll Headhunter Alternate

    Troll Headhunter Alternate

  26. Forest Troll Shadow Priest Alternate

    Forest Troll Shadow Priest Alternate

  27. Forest Troll Alternate

    Forest Troll Alternate

  28. Troll Warrior Alternate

    Troll Warrior Alternate

  29. Troll Watcher Alternate

    Troll Watcher Alternate

  30. Hero Troll Watcher Alternate

    Hero Troll Watcher Alternate

  31. Drek'Thar Dismounted Alternate

    Drek'Thar Dismounted Alternate

  32. Drek'Thar Alternate

    Drek'Thar Alternate

  33. Fel Orc Grunt Alternate

    Fel Orc Grunt Alternate

  34. Elite Grunt Alternate

    Elite Grunt Alternate

  35. Elite Grunt Alternate (Horde Shield)

    Elite Grunt Alternate (Horde Shield)

  36. Elite Grunt Alternate (TC Shield)

    Elite Grunt Alternate (TC Shield)

  37. Frostwolf Raider Alternate

    Frostwolf Raider Alternate

  38. Stonemaul Ogre Warchief Alternate

    Stonemaul Ogre Warchief Alternate

  39. Ogre Lord Alternate

    Ogre Lord Alternate

  40. Nazgrel Alternate

    Nazgrel Alternate

  41. Elite Raider Alternate

    Elite Raider Alternate

  42. Ogre Mauler (Alternate Version)

    Ogre Mauler (Alternate Version)

  43. FranzLiszt

    A precise guide about alternate animations

    Hi, I've searched on this forum (and somewhere on the net) about this, and I just find a lot of different information, not a complete guide. But everything I tried still doesn't work. So what can I read, precisely, about that? if I have a unit like this? MammothRider if there's a tremendously...
  44. Frederik

    New Alternate Models, how to use em?

    I'm really interested in using the new Kul'Tiras Jaina & Female Death Knight for my hero map, but i can't seem to get the object editor to select the skins (it's not available in the Art - Model File menu). And was hoping someone in this forum could help me. It's possible to get it through the...
  45. Uncle

    [Solved] Animation problems with Locust units (Mountain King Alternate Animation)

    I was having issues with changing the Mountain King to it's alternate Avatar animation while it had the Locust ability and making it play the alternate animations. EDIT: Solved, the indexes for the alternate Mountain King animations start at 13. I was using the non-alternate ones and that was...
  46. Diegoit

    [General] Change skin ingame?

    Is that possible? Maybe as an ALTERNATE anim in the same mode?
  47. HerrDave

    Upgrade Animations being used at random

    I've hit a wall. My tank models (Panzer & Sherman) have a model-breaking problem which I cannot pin down. For some reason, the Upgrade animations will play at random while attacking - for example, a Panzer III will sprout extra armour and a longer gun for the duration of the attack, but then go...
  48. BrothForMyPeople

    Alternate Animations

    How to make an unit to stand and attack alternate animations? I have a model with sword and pistol animations, and I want an unit with this model to stand with the sword and a second unit (with the same model) to stand with the pistol (stand alternate). I have no clue how to do this... Thanks...