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  1. Dregonx

    [Role Playing Game] Maze of Doom: Reborn (100% Complete, Up to 23 Players or AI, Third Person or Regular Camera + More!)

    I'm adding this here because unlike my other wc3 custom maps I've made, this one is big enough that I think it requires its own unique thread. NOTE: If you are interested in my socials: https://linktr.ee/Dregonx will lead you to them. Credits for ALL models/icons etc used are mentioned...
  2. Doom


    Gameplay teaser, new version
  3. DOOM Pentagram Teaser

    DOOM Pentagram Teaser

    This is how you will get the new guns, which I add to the map soon :)
  4. redmoth

    Furi beta v1.0b

    Join the discord: Join the RedCraft Discord Server! You are locked up, for eternity. Kill the jailers. They are the keys. Regain your freedom! Fight amazing bosses, hand picked killing machines designed to keep you locked up! Enjoy voice-acted cinematics and unique, fast paced gameplay! 1 to...
  5. deepstrasz

    StarCraft II maps you like list(s)

    So, these are maps I've played and liked, mostly in play order. There are some I've played way back but do not remember their names. I will update the post as I remember and/or play more. Any map I post gameplay videos to can be found in the StarCraft II's Custom Games/Arcade menu. Note that...
  6. Lord_Marrowgrath

    [Aeon of Strife] Future of War of Argent

    Hello dear hiveworkshop members and moba lovers. I'm updating my aos War of Argent v2.21 I have many ideas on rpg based-moba map and need to take your opinion for future of the map. There are so many diffrent aos and moba and it feels every game looks same. I try to make different from them...
  7. BrianBarsaski

    Grand Theft Auto Warcraft Edition™

    Welcome to the one of the most ambitious map in Warcraft III! (The images in the logo are in-game captures, except Tommy Vercetti and the girl, of course) First, sorry if my English in this post aren't perfect, I'm learning now. I want to show you my new project, Grand Theft Auto Warcraft...
  8. Coyc

    Banshee Strike

    This map is remake of first level of Urban Strike game on Sega Mega Drive 16 bit console. You manage a tactical hovercraft Banshee, with an opportunity to get into Medivac. In game you have to settle couple of tasks, such are: destroy object, kill unit, save hostage, cargo shipping, evacuation...