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  1. Anster

    Warcraft III 1.29+ cracked versions.

    Hello there, have a nice day! I've come here to ask a question that may or maybe not controvertial, or whatever. I created this account just to find out the answer of this question... If there is one. Why isn't there cracked (a.k.a pirated) patches for the 1.29, 1.30, 1.31 versions of the...
  2. TheFireMage

    [Trigger] Detected but No Cast

    Hello everyone, I made a trigger that creates a unit whenever a specific tower strikes a unit, it will create 3 thunder clap in 3 random areas where the dummy will spawn, cast Channel-based thunder clap to triggers another trigger. The second trigger creates another dummy that stuns the enemy...
  3. TheFireMage

    Gold income increased every

    Hello, I need help with making a trigger that gives gold income every time. And every x minute, it would increase the amount of gold income every time. I tried doing multiple triggers but it doesn't seem infinite.
  4. TheFireMage

    [General] World Editor Not Opening

    Hello everyone, As you have read the title, my World Editor does not open, and my Warcraft version is 1.29. It only opens after computer boots for a short amount of time. Same case with Warcraft 1.24. Strangely, World Editor from Warcraft 1.31 can be opened fine without any problems. No windows...
  5. TheFireMage

    [Trigger] Refer to changed attributes in game

    Hello everyone, Thank you in advance for reading this thread and help with my problems I made a trigger that makes the spell damage scale with hero's attributes when detecting spell damage from a certain Hero through a spell. The trigger did adjust the damage scaling with the DamageEventSource's...
  6. TheFireMage

    [Trigger] Unit Group Problem maybe?

    Hello everyone, Thank you for reading this thread and helping me with my problems for the past few months and today. I made 2 triggers, one for adding units taking damage to the group when the damage source carries Deathblade. The second trigger adds damage to the item carrier when the units...
  7. QuakeCraft Public Test (PTR)

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for the files of the Public Test of WarCraft III Maybe I'm blind but I didn't find them on the WC3 Download Archive (btw thanks a lot loktar for this post!)
  8. TheFireMage

    [Trigger] Start Location Error

    Hello everyone, I have a trigger creating custom start units for players but, every unit spawns in the map initialization all was created at Player 1 start Location? I'm currently using patch 1.29 with WEX. I appreciate all helps. PEASANT Events Map initialization Conditions...
  9. TheFireMage

    [General] Localize an array in GUI

    Hello everyone, Like the title said, I want to localize an array variable in order to avoid too many variables because it's getting messed up. Thank you.
  10. TheFireMage


    Hello everyone, thank you for being here in this thread I tried to use mpq master to get orb of fire along with other orbs to remove that spinning around animation. But, I did not find it, I only found orb of darkness, orb of slow, orb of corruption and orb of venom. Does anyone know where I can...
  11. TheFireMage

    Recolor water elemental missile

    Hello everyone, thank you for coming to this thread I download a customizable effect (+ a tool) and I wanted to change color of the water elemental missile because it looks cool in different color. However, I do not know how. I read this thread but I could not extract the texture. Do you know...
  12. TheFireMage

    Sprite for another Model

    Hello editors, thank you for reading this thread and helping me with it. I am having troubles with Sphere ability, turns out that some models have sprite made specifically for them. I wonder if there's a tutorial where you can add sprite to a model like blood mage.
  13. TheFireMage

    [Spell] Sphere

    Hello there, I thank you in advance for coming to this thread I think we all know the ability Sphere for Blood Mage which appears green fire balls flying around him. But when I add the ability to my custom hero, it shows up nothing. I did not edit anything. Why is that?
  14. TheFireMage

    [Trigger] Damage event repeat

    Hello everyone, I downloaded and copied Bribe's Damage Engine 3.8 because I used 1.29 and my trigger seems to be buggy b/c somehow damage event is repeating for no reason. Deadly Strike Lvl Events Game - DamageEvent becomes Equal to 1.00 Conditions (DamageEventTarget is...
  15. TheFireMage

    [Trigger] Learn Spells in Spell Book

    Hello everyone, thank you for your time reading this thread. I made a spell book ability with 3 spells for all levels. However, players can only have 1 ability at level 1 and 2 abilities at level 2 and so on. But, spells contained will not be in order, rather, players can choose the spell they...
  16. TheFireMage

    [JASS] Globals error

    Hello there, I thank you for taking a look at this thread and help me to solve problems. I am copying a dash spell template made by sniper_zero. When I first tested the map, it works fine. But when I copied to it my map and saved it, I got errors with globals from map header. I already got rid...
  17. TheFireMage

    [General] Triggers from Latest to Old Patch

    When I convert a GUI trigger to custom text, it seems like I can transfer GUI function that does not exist in old patch into it. But that's what I did with one category without any error, When I copy the entire triggers and units. It appears error "Function does not exist in database...
  18. TheFireMage

    [Trigger] Order unit to repetitively build

    Hello everyone, Today I make 2 triggers that makes units to start building and another one to make them repetitive building. But they don't seem to work. Units do nothing when the game started. And I want to avoid the hard way which is specifying a unit. There is only 4 units in the map but they...
  19. TheFireMage

    [General] Data Reference

    Hello there, I thank you in advance for reading this thread and help me with my problems for all problems I've encountered. So anyway, I put something like this in unit's extended tooltip |c00A0A0A0Hit Point Base: <e000,HP> Mana Base: None Attack Enable: True Attack Damage: <e000,dmgplus1>...
  20. TheFireMage

    [General] Defense Type vs Armor Type

    Hi there, Can anyone explains what's the difference between "Combat - Defense Type" and "Combat - Armor Type"?
  21. TheFireMage

    [General] Text in WE

    Hello there, I'm here because I want to do a few things about the texts in WE and how they appear in-game Solved/Unsolved/Cannot be solved 1) Does anyone know how to make texts appear bold and italic in-game? What's the thing for that? 2) How to change fonts for the texts? 3) Ever since I saw...
  22. TheFireMage

    [Solved] Attack Speed or Damage Aura for ranged units and on/off ability

    Hello hivers, what I have is a hero, learning an ability which can switch between Trueshot Aura and Celeritus Aura. I do not know any aura ability that gives extra attack speed so I used an item ability from gloves of haste and made it a normal ability, then I have the triggers detect if a unit...
  23. TheFireMage

    [Solved] AoE range and Group Leaks

    When you are adjusting AoE range, are you adjusting the diameter or the radius of the AoE? Another one is that when you do Custom script: set bj_wantDestroyGroup = true and set it after the group usage, does it still destroys the group leak?
  24. TheFireMage

    [Trigger] Buildable Gate

    Follow this thread and this site to understand the topic, or you don't need to. I decided to not use Unit - Replace or the variable, because they seem troublesome and cause leaks although that can be solved with custom script. So I used spell Bear Form instead, and I made several spells based on...
  25. TheFireMage

    Increase damage after killing some units

    So I want to make a trigger that increase hero's damage every time the hero kills some units: It works when I set Marksman=(Marksman+1) but that increase 1 damage every 1 unit killed, I want to increase 1 damage every 10 units killed. Did I miss something?
  26. TheFireMage

    [Trigger] Created Unit Leaks?

    Multi MA Lvl 5 Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Multiple Magic Arrows Actions Unit - Create 1 Archer (Archer Dummy) for (Owner of (Triggering unit)) at (Position of (Triggering unit)) facing Default...
  27. Mathayis

    Is 1.31.1 editor safe to work with?

    Okay so...I was thinking of starting a new map project, but after the 1.31.1 editor broke my last map, causing unit events and triggers not to be recognized after loading a saved file, Also stopping sounds from working and messing with the doodads, I'm wondering if I should stick to 1.29? It's...
  28. deepstrasz

    [Import] 1.29.2 object editor data on newer patches

    Hey, is there a way to have all my object editor data kept by the manner of exporting and importing it? Say, I'll not use Latest (Melee Patch) but Custom TfT 1.07 (the stable/standard version?) but first export all object data of 1.29.2 and then import it over the 1.07 version (once the map is...
  29. apsyll

    [Solved] Mouse rotation system don't get right angle

    Hello everyone I tried and failed now to make a camera system where you click on the floor and rotate around your unit by dragging the world around in relation to the mouse courser as the fix point. The thing is it kind of works sometimes, especially when you keep the mouse clicked and draged...
  30. Woodenplank

    Patch 1.29 And UMSWE legacy Error

    I'm the current editor of Lordaeron: The Foremath, a popular map on B.net hosted at Brigandshaven.Net I have recently run into a range of problems with the release of Warcraft 3 patch 1.29 EDIT: Using Ladik's MPQ editor I was able to find the malfunction actions, and delete them. I had...
  31. RikFlairWoo

    Mac Client Questions

    Huge WC3 fan since initial release. Now using a Mac but would love to be able to play a bit just for fun. DLd the Mac PTR client, game runs fine. Only issues I see right now: -Definitely not 16:9 -Resolution options top out at 1280x800 Anyone have any idea if this is fixable? Version...
  32. Sarungard

    [Import] Model went missing after 1.29

    Hi guys! After the patch I reopened one of my older map, where I used Happytauren's Chaos Citadel which was working fine. Until now, of course. And it is totally missing, I get a green box only. The fun fact, that model does not use any resources, just the base file only. I tried to reopen...