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  1. kellym0
    it looks so good when they have space between each other, unlike before when they all overlapped ontop of eachother in one single spot like one big mess. because carriers send their interceptors...
  2. kellym0
    Rebuilt the tentacles spawn all over again, instead more to the style of the protoss carrier. combined with the data of the brood lord, these clickable - fightable - killable - attacking tentacles...
  3. kellym0
    imbalanced against mur'locs is good -- the forces of evil all have a passive alliance -- beasts players want to kill all mur'locs owned by players -- murloc players wana run away -- imbalanced is...
  4. kellym0
    lol half life -- never played that one so I do not know of what you speak but a ''miraculously appearing tentacle from anywhere'' sounds awful so my sympathies... lol deeps it is sad looking...
  5. kellym0
    no its not a baby, its basically a giant human naval battle ship copy paste given some high dps zergling claw attacks I dont think I'll bother with ''baby'' krakkens but I do think faceless ones...

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