at long last the epic wc3 style pathing system is complete, the amphibious go everywhere, gliding on top the water, the land locked units stay strictly on land, and the naval units stay in the sea. it only took me like 3 years but ive finally got it done.

the epic gameplay elements are coming in -- more and more I see the light at the end of the tunnel -- I see the completion coming!
air units are not influenced by naval pathing -- only boats and ground units are -- even mur'locs do not obey these rules -- as they are ''amphibious''

for a long time however, boats and footman were able to strut across lava over mountains and onto land or deep into the sea -- only now recently have I fixed this -- big changes lol
the lava originally was red pathing or un path-able terrain, like doodads cliffs and other things like no fly zones (pathing blockers for air units) so units would walk around it.

as of later, how ever, lava became traversable just fine like any other terrain you just get a spell effect/damage effect put on you to punish you for doing it.

there is no resistance to lava it applies to all even air units -- it deals more damage the more health something has -- so murlocs take 20 damage per second and dinosaurs take about 400 per second -- subject to change of course -- air units only get a little bit of damage as of now -- they all get the buff called 'the lake of fire' so it sorta works.

soon I will host a public beta test at a specific time to see how many join -- it could be fun =)

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