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Comments here:
The Weird Human

P.R.S. Notification Monthly Comments here:

I don't know any modders or chicks that could help us out. They can't even differentiate DotA from Warcraft, they always thought it was the same game. :p

Exactly. No offense but I prefer to call those people newb. Even as how many times I have told them that DotA isn't a game, they won't agree. Some agrees but they still call Warcraft III as DotA.

About searching for PRS Member-to-be chicks, we can all post on our FB wall the same status. I'd probably like to ask Peter (TWH), our leader, to create the status.

Any luck on our name? Sadly, none yet. Everyone is still brainstorming.

Oh yeah, I (hilariously) get 1000$ or maybe Saudi Riyals per month as allowance. Hahaha.
It's hilarious because of the amount, not because it's almost a lie (as an allowance).

I could help in paying/hosting a site. I'll just have to ask a friend of mine. (Disregard the talk about allowance above) hahaha. I wanna use the allowance for my college years. But still, I will try to help you guys.

Note to leader: TWH, if you are planning on creating a website, please use namesecure and give your password and your username to me if you need me and my friend to pay for the site and the site hosting.
PS: Actually, the long message above is still pending for I do not know yet if I will be able to pay or ask my friend pay for it. Reason: I do not own a card yet. Still using a bank made of metal cans or plastic pigs. Hahaha
@Kazuji study first before gaming! then you can help us
oh and nice salary, that's really big :D

Sorry about that bro. I meant no offense but later on, you'll get used to calling the game Warcraft itself. :D
P.S. But atleast you know how to differentiate WC3 from DotA :D


Hahahaha I know, that's why I only agreed up to hosting. But I haven't told my friend about it yet. hahaha. This is my senior high school year so, it will be over soon enough. hahaha.
:D i meant that i feel that weird feeling every time other people call Wc3 DotA... I have been calling Wc3 its real name since i started modding and got enlightened.
WHy not just The PRS Group?
I just hope we dont lose more members. I'm inactive because i don't see anyone active. maybe that is why we are losing people.

shet men! chick modders are hard to find, and we just lost the only one we got. May kontak ba kayo ni Dawn baka may kilala un?
Wow. dumadami nga members pero halos inactive din sila. :>

By the way, give me cookies and I'll come back. =D

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