Length Wise Pathing Dummys

Length Wise Pathing Dummys

turns out length wise pathing is actually pretty hard. took like what only 3 years. any way the secret is brood lord hangars with collision dummys... lol

big points to doctor super evil for the help on this one. exotic shaped units are in theory possible but take a long time to ''get right''.
heh heh yea ive seen those poor dudes haven heart failure in those trucks -- as they climb the hood and fight each other lol or steal others ice cream lmao
The Sc2 engine has no problems with paths, an experience like these in the Wc3 engine, requires almost complete removal of the units' collision. lol
I dunno sc2 does have some pathing limitations -- only sphereical collsion shapes are allowed -- so to achive the illusion of a rectangle you require 3 spheres and they dont always move with the host 100% such as when the unit turns around -- im still tweaking it as its far from perfect but to me its pretty cool. in wc3 it can likely be achived by triggers but im not sure if data could do it alone -- was hard for me any way = (
I didn't understand what you want, would it be to create the same "thick" collisions that Wc3 presents?
The collision forms in Sc2 are more flexible for multiple collisions, they do not check the paths with the same individual precision that Wc3 imposes. Perhaps this causes weakness in the compression of all collisions with the same effectiveness as Wc3. However, this flexibility in Sc2 facilitates the movement of several units at the same time.
For you to get a sense... with triggers in Wc3, I can only move 300 units from one region to another, placing collisions of a maximum of 8.00, dividing into groups and by means of orders for each group with "1.5s waits" in each.
Creating a random point for each group at the final destination... also helps, I never tried.
To completely remove the lag caused in Wc3, it is practically necessary to move with the Ghost (visible) ability... Which is ridiculous for aesthetically pleasing gameplay. lol
ahh yea, in that regard you're probably right, the sc2 pathing is better, as a whole system, thats definitely true. still, it does have some limitations.

What I have wanted for a while was... ''length wise pathing'' for things that are ''long and skinny'' but sc2 inherently does not like that. it goes against the engine.

yet even with multiple types of collisions, and multiple types of ground and air and water and cliff pathing, (1 story cliff, 2 stories of cliff, shallow water/deep water ect ect) everything is still limited to spheres, the inner and outer radius, and thats still a fairly big issue if you are trying to make a unit that is odd or unshapely, or ''large'' like trains or multi segmented snake units.

even if you can pick which types of units its colliding with, your still constrained to the shape of a sphere, there does not seem to be any way around that, even in sc2 model editing the collision sphere must be a sphere or it doesn't work, the target volumes and even the hit tests can be what ever shape you desire, to match the outlines of the model its self so projectiles do not go inside the model, hence the need for ''fancy target volumes'' collision spheres how ever must be spheres no way around it (I tried lol)

but I have discovered the secret and now every one knows its brood lord hangarz

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