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I must admit I did this one in a personal record time and I'm happy with the results. Also, this character is supposed to be the guy in a video I have linked here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/media/flashback.109065/ xD
I'm quite impressed after watching the video
Foul language and gruesome things in the dialogues only made them better :D

By the way, is that Xemphos he's talking to?
@Mechanical Man you mean the blood-sucking, vampire & vampire lord -specialist, Elder Vampire Death Knight Hero from the undead Necropolis in HoMM3?

Nah, this guy is an abominable, demon-serving, cannibalistic, PoS human. Granted he has a certain non-vampiric condition that has allowed him to live for a long time.
@xISLx Hey there. Indeed he is talking to the General. There's animosity between the two despite V being his second in command and that video (ty btw) hints at this. :D
looks cool man sounds like i need you to draw some neat mur'loc loading screens for meh

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