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That's one evil army right there for my character ZH to deal with in his first adventure. Some you may have seen before, some are yet to be seen. You got demons, undead and corrupted humans in here.
4 a much bigger resolution: https://www.deviantart.com/zethholyblade/art/Antagonists-I-759132415 :D
looks gorgeous man. how much would I needz to pay for say, 2 or 3 mur'locs running through jungle/forest.... being chased by, say, a giant T-rex dinosaur? might make for a nice loading screen perhaps perhaps. my current ones pretty....awful
@kellym0 That sounds like a mighty challenge considering that I've never drawn Mur'locs nor jungle environments before... and that I haven't drawn a T-Rex since elementary school either... but it'd be fun to try.

It may take me a while, but more or less what do you have in mind? Mur'locs are them amphibian critters that sometimes get pesky in campaign and melee maps right? The guys armed with spears and a seashell shield thing.

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