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Clearly, a face only a mother would love (assuming his still lives)
I'm uploading the WIPs to link them in the dA page the artwork was uploaded :D
He clearly looks like WoW Nathrezim

But instead of being some kind of an alien vampire demon from outer space,
He actually looks more serious and demonic, like a legit demon lord.
Maybe that difference is made solely by the head... huh...

I also really like his armor, fantastic details as always :)
@xISLx thank you very much pal . Can't denny the strong similarities between Xemphos and a Dreadlord like Tychondrius for example (which is the model I used in a war3 map featuring this character), but there's an interesting story behind that.

The character was created in late 2000 (I was 14) as *the* antagonist/nemesis of my character ZH. Back then I used to play a lot of Diablo 1 and 2 in an old PC and based his overall appearence in a combination of two demons from d1... the megademon (a balrog) and a storm demon. The first had a large upper body size, bull horns, hoofs, bat wings and a curved blade.... the second had a tall, lean body size with a tail, elongated horn-crowned head, neck and arms, as well as large hands with and clawed toes and fingers.

The product was a sort of hellish battle-mage with a design mix of bat wings, large hands and torso, a long KISS-like tongue, clawed hands and feet, and a forehead pentagram but rather looked more of a beast than an E-VULz lord ZH had to defeat (because reasons) so I made him look slightlty more humanoid and gave him some jewelry and a cuirass.

So far I've reworked him 3 times, making him slightly more bestial since the second remake.

The first one (2004) has a much stronger ressemblance to a DL. (Death Lord Xemphos Grimeye) too much to be honest... Gave him a near-full plate (f-ugly) asymetric armor back then, smaller hands and larger head. Also changed his bat wings for scale dragon ones (a common trait of most of my demon designs then)

The second one (2006) (Xemphos Grimeye) lacks the tail, ears, and has even smaller hands. Also wears a more refined armor, has a more scarred face, and gave him his bat wings back (albeit thorny this time).

The final one (2018) has a larger horn crown, much larger hands, hoofs, and energy/flame based wings that spawn whenever he flies/teleports. Also gave him some kind of halfed, outer mandible cuz I felt like it xD and now wears a symetric big-ass armor.

He no longer is *the* (true) antagonist of the story but rather an early major one.
@ZethHolyblade Well, cool story :)

It is always interesting to see how the hero concepts are developed and changed throughout their time. Especially when you can compare their changes to the ones of your own characters.

I'm actually kinda inspired to make some skills for a Demonlord hero now :D

Thanks, I guess. I've been needing this inspiration for quite a long now.
@xISLx yeahh, backstories do change accordingly. For instance, the lore in my second remake of the character mentions him self-mutilating his face (from what I understood reading that broken English lore I wrote back then) but while that may still be true for the pentagram... the scars traveling through his eyes and cheeks have different origins which now possess a stronger link with ZH.

Btw your interpretation of the WoW DLs cracked me up... it's so symplistic yet true and quickly sumarizes years of warcraft lore so that anyone who doesnt know what the Nathrezim are will simply be like... 'ohh'

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