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Althissa Windshade
Storyline of althissa wingshade:
Althissa was born in the kingdom of apolonia. when she was a baby. her parents apparently anbandoned her near to the doorstep of the most prestigeous guild of assassins. there she was raised and trained to be a deadly assassin, to kill without remorse and found no ever regret of taking lives. Her time in her days of novice was rather harsh. her fellower novice sees only weakness in her. Althissa coud'nt even pass one single trial. which is to challenge her fellow trainee to to proceed to the second trail. Therefore she was subjected to being place in a solitary as a punishment for being weak, and was constantly defeated in the trial. During the next six months in solitary, she was released. But still showing lack of progress and weakness she was deemed unfit for training, and again. She was place inside the solitary. Again still hasn't shown any progress on her training. Inside the solitary she was in howevers tears all day and night, she only sees herself as a burden to everyone else. Inside her heart she was in agony, in pain as she would only question her purpose of her own existence. Why was she born with no parents? And why was she born to be a weak child? What does she do to deserve this? WHY WHY WHY? Her scream ehoes only within the wall of stone made out of stoned concretes. Not even having a window to enjoy her view for her own needs, to see the sun rising. With all that anger build up inside her. She vow to have her revenge on those who have wronged her. Six month have again passed. Althissa was released again, but this time with a vengeance clouding in her mind. Again she must defeat her fellow trainee, via combat. To their surprize she won the first trial and can procceed to the next trial. Smiling with confidence althissa shows remarkable winning streak. althissa quickly rose through the ranks of the faction. She was deemed fit for the role of being called the phantom assassin of nyx. She is now the leader of the faction and taking up the role of responsiblity is to send any report or details, to anyone invading foreigners of stranger who are not welcome in zira. or someone who is plotting, the demise of ziria. or creating more conspiracy that would ruin the peace and prosperity of ziria. day by day as time goes by she would very well be often training into honing her skills, and even taught herself not to feel any remorse of her future victims. if she ever were to take up, a assassination contract.

Althissa is a quiet individual women. Who was fond of taking a contract of assassination and espionage mission. She takes joy in torturing her victim nice and slow, before finishing the job. She is very quick in her tracking her victim implying she has deployed spys in every corners of ziria. Making her the person who was aware of the entire continent of ziria. Should anyone kills her sisters, she will vow revenge for anyone killing her own sister of even laying hands on her sisters, as it is her responsibility to to protect her sister at all cost even if it means necessary or even costing her humanity to do so. Althissa in her own very thoughts hate people who can't defend themselves or even can't make the right choice, she will deemed the person weak and not even worth her time to even save the weak. She will acknowledge the strong while absolutely hated believing they're pathetic and useless. To the point She convince herself to finish the weak, while preserve the strong ones. According to one of her sister. She will even join hands with the strongest enemy she faced, who she acknowledged as a strongest foe she as encountered. Even if that's is her enemy, then so be it. Her soul means nothing to her. In truth she wanting to be strong with enough power to protect her sisters. Who she considered her family. This is possiblity due to the fact that she has no family. But was forced to perserver the hardship she has to endure. But as time goes by, she is now comfortable to accept that this is where she belong and fully acknowledge every people in her faction is now her family. While also fully understood the fact that she used her own self of existence. But overcome the situation and finally becames its leader.

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