role-play characters

  1. Followers Of The Light

    Followers Of The Light

    ''We are the chosen of the light WE SHALL NOT FALL.''-Arthas Menethil
  2. Althissa Windshade

    Althissa Windshade

  3. Jeusa Snowcloak

    Jeusa Snowcloak

  4. Desiree Hun

    Desiree Hun

    Personalities:Prideful,mean,Cruel,Rude,Lazy,Vengeful,Impatient,Self Absorb,Sadist,Unreliable.Arrogant
  5. Martina Hotfire

    Martina Hotfire

    Name: Martina Hotfire Superhero name: Spit Arrow Nickname: The Scarlet Ranger Riding Hood Age:22 (Gender: Female Race: CrimsonElves