Altered Techtrees

Altered Techtrees

Dawning of Bloodshed featured two altered variations of the standard orc techtree. Most of the more polished assets have been uploaded to the Hive Workshop's resources section, but some which lack the polish to be approved will not be released publicly.
Wow Wow, Where did you get the other Custom models?
I modelled them in 3D Studio Max. I steered away from Warcraft modding for awhile because I was under the impression that you could only use 3DS Max 5 or earlier, but I think that's only the case with Art Tools. After I found out about NeoDex 2.0 I had a ton of reason to start exploring Warcraft modding again, so I put together some assets for a story I've been writing.
Sorry for the Late reply, But, Mind sharing all of these great models in the Hiveworkshop? you already shared some of your Models, amigo.
Perhaps one day. The thing with these models is that I want them to be identifiable as part of the project they were created for, not as "that model downloaded from the Hive." Releasing it publicly might take away from that a bit. There's a chance I'll do so one day, but I wouldn't expect it soon. I've been working on this project for a couple years now and I'm yet to make the first map. Lots of refining the techtrees and scrapping elements of the story over and over. Also, it has never been anywhere close to my primary focus.
Well, I hope you can make better icons and contribute more from this website, Take care and god bless you.
Very interesting and pretty cool. Love the Warlocks and the Bunker-mounted Turtles. What kinda Orc Hero is that; a Warlock? Also, Dark Shamans FTW.

Sounds a lot like my project though (worked for many years, constantly refining techtree, scrapping stuff, custom stuff you want specifically attributed to your project, etc), so I clasp hands and proclaim "wish us good luck, world!".

As previously stated, TF2 has seriously sapped (lol, TF2 joke) my will-to-mod. Keep it up!
Yeah, it's a warlock hero. The protagonist of my story. I've got a few variants on that type of hero as well that I think look pretty cool. :)

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