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Zombie Run

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Goal of the game: The goal of the map is to get to the other side without dieing, The map contains 2 game modes to make the game harder or very easy.If you die you become an zombie and have to kill the humans.

-help Tells your what to do and pings an area on the map.
-em Turns on Easy Mode
-hm Turns on Hard Mode

Known Bugs/ Issues:
Begining Movie Is longish and dosnt work 100% Will be Fixed in 0.38 50% FIXED!
Map isnt Balanced yet. Working on it....
Removing of heros not used dosnt work. Will be Fixed in 0.38 FIXED!
Might be a few memory leaks, but i haven't had any yet.
Map is very hard to win in solo.
Some "Blocks" Might not Block you.
Change Log:
Changed Zombie Base From 9 to 15.
Made Start Movie Shorter
Added Ending Movie With an Twist.
Fixed Remove Unit Trigger

0.37 Fixed Bugs Added Modes
0.27 Finsihed Map And Trigger and a few bugs
0.26 & Less Made Map

~Map is protected~ Ask me for an unprotected version.


Zombie Run (Map)

8:49, 16th June 2009 by bounty hunter2: Very bad terrain, regular spells, bad cinematic, boring gameplay, unoriginal. Rejected.




8:49, 16th June 2009 by bounty hunter2:
Very bad terrain, regular spells, bad cinematic, boring gameplay, unoriginal. Rejected.
Level 7
Apr 3, 2007
The starting cinematic is to long and boring, u just sit there looking at the king for 2 mins... Needs more marketplaces, the 2nd marketplace is near the end... And there is no ending, u just walk to the end of the road and game over. There should be a cinematic or something.
Level 3
Nov 8, 2008
To pull of a campaign type RPG map you need:
INSANE TERRAIN, HUMOR, EPIC CINEMATIC, EPIC ITEMS, PLOT i am afraid that all these areas need work

10 Ideas to help you with your map:
1). The starting Cinematic needs work, the abomination just walked off the first time I played and the second it just sat there slowly killing stuff.
My suggestion is: Make it able to be skipped! Make a special abomination for the movie clip and increase its movement speed and attack damage and attack rate by heaps so he kills everyone really quick! So its really short and sweet
2). What is will only one type of undead, I was tired of killing zombies like 2 min in. Try changing the different enemies. Give them some cool powers!
3). Terrain, Terrain, Terrain. Needs work! Spend some time and really do up the terrain. Try and make it a bit more realistic!!
4). The end! Cinematic Repeated like 5 times in a row, try turning the trigger off!!
5). perhaps make it a bit more obvious where you need to walk to end the game. I was walking around waiting for more enemies to come and attack the base.
6). You left off some pathing maps on the houses and I just walked through some of the village buildings.
7). Add a bit more description and a story!! Why have the undead attacked etc!!
8). Make the enemies drop items like in the campaign mode of warcraft 3
9). Think about making the game more on your toes, the game gets really repetitive and boring quickly.
10). Add custom spells, models etc. Really go to town! Play Diablo warcraft 3. Thats the type of model you should be using to base your map off.

hope this helps Dragon-Fire