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Zelda Map Suggestions

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Level 6
May 1, 2009
Until the Mac world editor is fixed (lol the triggers in my map are screwed up because of 1.24) I'm working on a Zelda map – basically the gameplay is similar to Azeroth Wars/DAOW, except it features zelda races and terrain.

Unfortunately there aren't many zelda models at the hive, so I'll have to use some stand ins:

Hylans - High Elves, Human Buildings, Hero: Jaina (Zelda)
Gorgons - Red-Tinted Draenei (Orcs don't really fit them imo), Orc/Draenei buildings, Hero: Draenei Custom model
Gerudo - Red-Tinted High Elves, __ buildings, Hero: __
Kokiri - __, Night Elf buildings, Hero: Link (Custom Model)
Zora - Naga/Murlocs, Naga Buildings, Hero: _

Aside from the models on the hive, I've also found an awesome octorok model (those things that spit projectiles you have to reflect back at them), but I've found little else that really works with Zelda. I know at one point there were several groups of people making Zelda maps and perhaps models of Gannon/Ganondorf, Zelda, or anything else are scattered on the internet. It would be really appreciated if someone could point me in the direction of finding some good Zelda models.

If not, could anyone suggest some good in-game or even other custom models that would make good stand-ins? I mean, I guess I could make the Kokiri small green-tinted night elves... but that would be a little odd, right?
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