Xtreme Candy War 2k9 - Need your help

Level 9
Dec 13, 2005
-This is a mod of the Blizzard's Xtreme candy war 2k6
-Totally 31 new heroes.
-Custom spells based on WOW.
-About 60 items with recipe system.
-This map is now unlock, but i had to export a lot of icons, models and SFXs to reduce its size.
-However, if you are playing on b.net, i suggest that you optimize it first, use Vexorian or SLK Optimizer...find them at wc3campaigns.net.
-If you encounter anybug, plz pm me.
-My email is: [email protected]

It seems that i did something wrong with the instance ""Not enough storage available for D:\Temp\Source\BuildEngine\Jass2\instance"
I dont know why, my code is clean and safe,..thats for sure but the game keep crashing though it took me hours to check and optimize my map.
I have sent 1 months on this without sleeping for many nights,..so its a real apocalypse.
I leave the map unlock, so if you can help me abit, i would be thankful. All spells are written in JASS, but dont worry, its short and clear, hix. And i think the spell is the problem :emote_confused:

....I tried to clear all JASS code last night..the game did not crash, but it took me 5 min to return to the game interface screen whenever i quit...:emote_eekani:

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Level 15
Dec 18, 2007
Hmm... it seems you removed the AI, no wonder the AI is not working when I tested it after downloading the map on thehelper. Anyway, the heroes are pretty good and the spells are quite nicely made. But some heroes are quite weak in comparison. This map has some potential but needs work on balancing and stuff.
Also, did you take an older version of Xtreme Candy Wars and edit it or did you make it from scratch? Good map anyway.