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WoW With Wii Controller Part 1

Level 3
Jan 21, 2008
Ever Wanted To Play World Of Warcraft With Wii-Remote? And i Mean With the nunchuck and everything else? well then heres a tutorial, this isent the only tutorial out their, youtube has thousands of videos that show you how to do this, anyway lets get started, the require ments are....

Working Wii and Nunchuck Connected
Windows not MAC srry guys
Thats All You Need!

Now Start Up Your Bluetooth program and let it scan for wireless devices,
If You See Somthing Pop-Up (Nintendo RVL-CNT-01) , if nothing shows up then close and re-open and try again, now hold the 1 and 2 buttons on the wii remote and the blue lights at the end of the wii remote will flash,Hold Down These Buttons Until The Application Is Complete This Paragraph To IR Sensor Paragraph.

Note:Ignore The PIN Number Entry Click Skip

Once You Skiped A Connection Service Will Pop Up, only one entry should pop-up (KeyBoard-Mouse-HD) Then Click Finish

WARNING:a problem might happen when you click skip on entry,Click on blue tooth and do the HID Compile Device Then Continue

Anyway BlueTooth Aint Gonna Let You Play World Of Warcraft With Wii Remote, you need your IR Sensor! put it top/bottom of your tv/monitor. remeber the rules about the sensor? you must atleast be 4 feet away from monitor because the close up range will make it very,very,very and i mean very screwie,Now Turn The Remote ON

Now You Need A Certain Program Called GlovePIE at this link below


Once You Installed The "Programmable Imput Emmulator"

Go To File-> Open herewow.PIE You Downloaded

Now You Will See Abunch Of Scripting Come Up, Click The Green Arrow That Has Run To The Right Of It

now how to change the controls of a wii-remote to custom controls you want!

now look at the script and find the controls like A B L D R U and more change them to what you want, happy playing!

Note:if you dont know how to change controls just let me know ill PM give you the script and you can look at it and ill lable controls and how to change them. happy gaming :thumbs_up: