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Worm War: Outland

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.

WormWar: Outland

Created by X-OMG-X

Originally by Blizzard Entertainment


WormWar:Outland is my own edition of the well known Blizzard Entertainment map.
This version contains a completely new terrain, minigame mode, small extra features, fixes, new systems, totally new food, new killingcreeps and alot more. I have spent alot time on making the minigame fun to play and i have added alot features into my minigame. If you are playing alone, you should try out the minigame mode, and if you are able to play online, i would highly recommend to check it out with some friends. The map can contain up to 12 players, taking the playing experience to a very high level. For the best experience, turn on your sounds too.

For you people that never have played WormWar before, i will make a small description.
When the game have loaded, you will get a Worm. Start by moving to a random location and the game have started. You will have the control of a "Worm" and with that unit, you will have to eat yourself long. Eating the different animals walking around, will give you +1 point and increase your worm-length by one. Superfood will give you a total of +5 points and then also make your worm 5 units longer. The first player to reach 100 points have won the game. Look out for the Scorpions! If you touch a scorpion, you will be toasted and your points will reset. Touching the electric fence around the map, will also kill you and make you start over. There are some power ups around the map, and by moving into a power up, gives you a random special abillity that you can use to damage the other players or to improve your own chances to win. If you are going to check my minigame out, there will only be a few rules. If you touch the scorpions you will loose a life. When your life becomes zero you will loose. When using one of the four abillities, the abillity will disappear after used.


  • Very entertaining minigame
  • Longer gameplay (100 points)
  • Completely new terrain
  • Hint/Howto-messages
  • Description in "Quests"
  • Random placed traps
  • New food and creeps
  • Welcome Intro
  • Anti-cheat engine
  • Anti-Inactive engine
  • Minigame-ranking
  • New preview-picture
  • Small bug-fixing
Please comment and rate.
If you find any bugs, please say me.
Do not distribute it to any other sites.
You are allowed to use my map if you give credits.
Now, enjoy and have fun playing! Good luck!

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Worm War: Outland (Map)

13:54, 13th Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected

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