World of Warmasters

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Nov 14, 2010
Hello welcome to the first actual recruitment stage of World of Warmasters 0.1,

Okay here is what I need from you wonderful members of Hiveworkshop.
When I say Engineer that means basically just someone for triggers, I call them engineers Because they usually script the engine so... Yea.

Special People needed:
Staff needed:
Modeller(Still thinking though if needed, so far yes.)
Jass Engineer
Spell Creator
Tooltipper(Extremly needed.)
Item Creator
Jass Engineer Assistant
Forum Manager(For the forum I have on my website for this map, under Hosted Projects, 3rd one.)
Trailer Creator!
Bot Provider/Hoster
Most needed people of all:
Supporters! Show us your love people and support us through this project!
Tester:Need to strive to be on the day testing starts to help test the map and give wonderful feedback. The way they will give feedback is write 1-2 paragraphs on the gameplay on word or in a PM.
Idealist:Just a lil fan support, someone who can go out there and give us ideas, basically a Supporter.
Modeller:Not known if needed yet. If actually needed will be said.
Jass Engineer:You are basically needed the most, without this map is a nice lil terrained map with no feature on it. Your goal and job is to script the engines I have planned for, and have them in good condition.
Spell Creator:No point to a map that doesn't got pretty spell effects, names, and there abilities(What they do.) So yeah you can understand. We need you too!
Tooltipper:Okie dokie we need you because, Fancy text on items, spells and other things is always good. So you are a great help to this map.
Item Creator:If your map don't got items it isn't even a melee. So yea you are needed too! So create us some items make some pretty cool names and be apart of the next big thing!
Jass Engineer Assistant:Help fix the bugs your superior, The Jass Engineer made and help him out by doing some work for him also.
Forum Manager:The day this map comes out and is fameous and all that cool stuff we're gonna have some questions on the map. So your incharge of the lil sub forum on under hosted projects, basically your in the credits, you answer questions and give lil sneak peeks of updates and such.
Trailer Creator:Every good map needs a nice lil hype created, so you get early play access with some of the other dev team members and create lil youtube vids to create some hype.
Bot Provider/Hoster:Well if you can provide a bot or can manually host during the early beta stages you'll be in the creds and be a big help to development. I know most people won't sign up for this but we really need you to help us be able to test, since who the heck will put up a test version of a map on MMH To host where anyone can go play it.
Supporters:Hey your all a supporter if you like the project so when we get a little Supporter Sig take it and show your support for this awesome project!
Okay thats alot of text and now to wrap up this recruitment, EVERYONE will get in credits, if your a support your name won't be added but you'll still get thanks for supporting us!
Thanks Hive members hope some people will sign up so this project gets out in the world some day!!
Link to Development Page:
Link to website I have made that has this as a main category:
Link to Item Idea page:
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Level 6
Nov 14, 2010
Thanks. And were still looking for team mates hive members! Also Super please don't double post. Copy and paste your message

"PS: Like title says WC 3 TFT Mapper" and put it in your other post saying "Count me terrainer too" put them together please it will help the Moderators.
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