Wolf Tag v2.0

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This is my first true map. There might be some bugs. If you find any please report it to me by posting it here.

Wolf Tag 2.0
Map Details:
In an island far, far away there was a team of footmen who were stranded there. To make things even worse for the footmen, a curse strucked one of them. The curse turned the footmen into a Human-Wolf. In order to survive, the Human-Wolf must kill another footmen to pass the curse on. Once the timer is up, the player with the curse will lose the game.
Character Instructions:
[rainbow]Wolf(tagger): If you are wolf you have to attack a footmen.[/rainbow]
[rainbow]Footmen(runner): If you are a footmen try to avoid the wolf as much as possible.[/rainbow]

Game Objective
[rainbow]To win this game you have to not be the last wolf. Who ever is the last wolf will lose the game. Be warned that when the timer expires you have 10 seconds before the decision of the loser has been made.[/rainbow]( This game is not to be played alone)

Change Log
  • Version 1.0
    >Map is released
  • Version 1.1
    >Fixed a bug with the respawn system.
    >Added Magic Vault
  • Version 2.0
    >Fully Remade the map
    >Added a "Pack" ability for the magic vault.
  • Fan & xXm0RpH3usXx (for the Baron DarkClaw model)

Tag, Timer, Nafre, Tree Tag, Kodo Tag

Wolf Tag v2.0 (Map)

09:57, 27th Jun 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Approved Comment
Level 19
Jul 12, 2010
well i played sheep tag and it's good and im going to try this soon..
but why the hell you fucking protect the maps?
it's not like we are going to open them and claim it as our own...
it's way faster to open a map and test it instead of uprotecting it and all that shit..
also if you don't want other people to "steal" your triggers and stuff then optimize the map..

ok this is nothing releated to sheep tag o_O
and i don't really get the point of this map...
maybe you should create a cinematic intro...
that helps us understand what this game is all about..
also we can't help you with triggering if we can't see the triggers...

for example when you create a unit at a point then you have to remove that point or else it leaks...
do u know how to remove leaks? well if i could actually open the map i could have helped but wtv...
Level 6
Oct 16, 2010
KK i posted the unprotected version of the map.And removed the annoying boxes lol. So now feel free to help me with my triggers. And the cinematic part i suck at it always keep getting the triggers wrong if you can help me with that please do. (the point of the game is to not be the last wolf) oh and btw isnt anyone going to moderate it....
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its always good to not protect you map when you start map making as from you have little knowlage about world editor and can always get help by debuging what you dont know is bugged in your map and get some help with that. When you have a good enough knowlage of map making wich you will if you keep on going on with editing then if you will make valuable recources then you need to start protecing your map from the valtures that dont care about other people.thank you.
p.s. I never realy got help and always liked to figure things out for myself but other people are different and also never started being recodnised until my map below on my signature. Hope this will help you along the way!
Level 2
Jun 23, 2012
good map but this is just another ordinary tag map you are lacking the BAZINGA the bazinga... now lots of people asks me what bazinga is, bazinga is something special, something unique something beyowesome. and you are lacking that one thing so 2/5 but don't give up and don't let others tell you otherwise you gonna go far and goodluck :)