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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
a fade out texture you can use in cinematics.
import a completely black .tga or .blp file into WE.
under Game Interface, under Advanced in WE, change the following
to the black image
1. Cinematic Background
2. Console Background
and the first three options above Console Texture 4.
then, during the cinematic, fade out with this texture, and you have a perfect widescreen fade out.
for import just delete war3mapimported
note that the skin pic is completely crap. that is looking at only the rgb channels
and not the alpha one, so it looks extremely crappy. DO NOT JUDGE FROM THE SKIN PICTURE, JUDGE FROM THE SCREENY or check it out ingame

widescreen (Texture)

THE_END: I fail to see what this even is


Level 77
Oct 6, 2004
This idea seems to be useful BUT
-Why don't you simply use a hard border at top and bottom, why blured and these stupid transparent stripes into the black border (can be seen in screenshot)?!
-This is extremly wide screen format. 2,35:1 would be enough, but it's more, isn't it?

I saw this only on the screenshot, if this looks ingame different, post another screenshot!