Why is my model not working

Level 3
Nov 17, 2015
Hello people! I made a model in matrix eater. This program is great and usefull. And it allows you to "merge" models together. What is the problem than? Well, I tried to make model of footman on a horse. I took the bandit-mage, and deleted the bandit mage polygons. I left only the horse one and saved. I check up the horse is fine in magos model editor, so the horse dont have errors or something. The horse was fine. I took another model (mdl) of footman that I know is working in magos, because I did check. And than I went to the program (matrix eater) and opened the footman. I clicked "import" in files and imported the horse to there. I did nothing except that. Click finish. Than I saw it's working and the horse and the footman are in the same model. But their animation are not combined. So I repeat this process and click in the matrix eater so the horse will preform some of his animation while the footman does. And than the model do not want to load in magos editor. I get error of -Expected "}", got "0" in group "EventObject" . Tell me people how do I create model of footman cavalry in matrix eater without getting error?

Oh and if you can please post how to do it step by step it will be lovely.

Thank you, any help appretiated.