Who Ashan is

Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
Ashan was born the son of a chieftan of the human village of Whiteshire*where the current whiteshire resides*, By the time he was 16 Ashan had show a natural aptitude for leadership, speaking, and combat. Although, he was not the greatest of tactical genius's he was able to unite the various human tribes under his father, although soon after this one of the feral orcs of the western wastelands killed his father. Suddenly, thrust into the role of Chieftain of the united human tribes, Ashan was overwhelmed with responsibility and it showed in his early decisions which lead to the bad relations with the Ogres and Pigmen of the east. But by the time he was 21 Ashan had taken over the Region of D`or in which the Current Capital resides, this region if you didn't know is called Hal'un. In honor of the humans who had fallen to take this region back from the various bandits and other races who opposed them, Ashan decided to establish the Capital of the Empire, Kul'namoth. *Now as you may not know Kul'namoth is actually the second capital of the Empire, Whiteshire being the first.* Towards the middle of the Reign of the King known as Ashan, he crafted what was known as "The Crystal Ball of Ashan" from the heart of the brother god of Blakoth, Nag'hullak who had created the barbaric and evil orcs of the west. *Nag'hullak is now only exsistant in Spirit Form*. Anyway, Ashan used this Crystal Ball to look 50 years into the future of the Empire, seeing that it would ultimately be destroyed after his death unless something was done. He looked down the alternate lines of fate and saw the path he must take to overcome this ill-fate and yet, by doing so he had changed the fate of Sereg D`or itself, he entrusted his Son Sigmar the 1st, with defending Kul'namoth in his absence, taking with him a legion of the greatest human heroes of Sereg D`or he went forth to unite all of Eastern Sereg D`or under his banner, except for the Autonomous High Elves*no dark elves existed at this time. The High Elves and Empire founded a pact of peace, prior to this event.*

Now upon Uniting all of Eastern Sereg D`or including the current Regions where all of the City States and Nature resides, he set about creating 4 Forts and transfered control of the city of Whiteshire to the group of fanatics known only as "The Inquisitors" a secret elite sect who were undyingly loyal to the Empire. But, out of the darkness arose a familiar shadow the demon god Nag'hullak had come back in a material form, leading his orcish forces and the traitorous men of Fort Civus *the greatest of all Empire forts* against the Empire, Using evil words and spells he turned the City States against the Empire, causing them to revolt, and turn against the Empire they were once within. To combat this evil the Druids of the South had returned from their voyages to explore the world of Sereg. Seeing the mastery of Nag'hullak convinced them of the needed to separate from the Empire, and summon the tree spirits to their aid, to fight the coming Corruption.

Ashan became worried, as the fate the Crystal Ball had predicted that he had tried to prevent began to come true, no matter his efforts nothing could be done to save his Empire and his people. Then it came to him, the idea that he should take his Father's Spear, "The Spear of Tiber" the ancient relic of human chieftans that seemed to resonate with immense power, and use it to destroy the Demon God. So he and his legion of heroes and nobles of the Empire rode out into the darkness of the night on the dark day we call the beginning of year 000 or The year before the God King. This marked the beginning of a century of darkness for the Empire. In a insane attempt to destroy Nag'hullak once and for all, Ashan and his army charged into the fortress known as Civus, taking heavy losses towards the end and foreseeing his own defeat and that of his army, he made a leaping lunge towards Nag'hullak who rode a Nightmarish steed that's very hooves and mane were made of a demonic fire so intense that they started to burn his very flesh off while he came down towards Nag'hullak. With one final summation of his Strength Ashan drove the Spear of Tiber unto the void where Nag'hullak's heart had resided. The Spear glew a fiery blue and then in a blinding flash Nag'hullak and Ashan were consumed in a dark blue flame. Only the Spear and Crystal Ball remained in the area where they had once stood, a massive crater was evident where the final blow was struck and their lives consumed. As such Ashan had saved his Empire at the cost of his life, a true martyr who will always be remembered by his people for what he had done for them. So ends the tale of Ashan the Father of Sigmar.