Which version is better when creating a campaign? (2021)

Level 7
Jul 17, 2018
Hello hehe
I have been looking at the campaigns and it turns out that there are several versions that are available to play it, such as 1.27 (the normal one I think), 1.30 or 1.31 and 1.32 (the latter I am not sure). That is why I was curious, so what would be the best version in case of creating a campaign from scratch? That includes detonators, custom AI, etc., etc.

Note: I know there are some posts with the same question, but I wanted to know if you have changed your mind about the version.
Level 23
May 14, 2021
If the maps are saved on 1.32, it will probably not work on Classic versions due to the major technical changes between Reforged and Classic in World Editor.
Level 20
Apr 12, 2018
Despite what other people may tell you, 1.27 will work on every version following it. Unless you absolutely positively want/need a feature in a later patch and compatibility/playability is your main thought, then 1.27 is not a bad one to go with.

If you want features then it's probably 1.31. 1.32 does not support custom campaigns in any official capacity.