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What kind of a tech buyer are you?

If you had to estimate your annual consumer tech expenditure, it'd be:

  • 1 000-2 000 USD

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  • 2 000-4 000 USD

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  • 4 000-8 000 USD

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  • 8 000-16 000 USD

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  • 16 000-32 000 USD

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  • 32 000-64 000 USD

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  • 64 000-128 000 USD

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  • 128 000-256 000 USD

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  • 256 000-512 000 USD

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  • 512 000-1 024 000 USD

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  • 1 024 000-2 048 000 USD

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  • Hard to guess / figure not listed (comment)

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  • Total voters
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Level 4
Oct 22, 2019
What is your consumption behavior when it comes to tech, which'd include:
  • smartphones,
  • smartwatches,
  • computers,
  • other mobile tech (e.g., tablets),
  • accessories (e.g., wireless ear pieces), and
  • other things you regard as consumer tech?

Do you look to buy a replacement periodically or when the piece of tech starts failing, and in the latter case, do you try to address the issue by other means than buying a new one (e.g., smartphone battery/screen replace)?
What kind of budgeting do you practice?
What requirements must the gadget fulfill?

My ~300€ phone lasted ~4 years and I replaced it with another ~300€ phone. I didn't try to get its failing battery fixed.
My computer pieces are about 8 years old, save for additional RAM I got a year or two ago. I don't remember their costs.
My laptop was 300€, bought it used.

I could afford high-end consumer substitutes for them, but seeing these ones work fine and fulfill their purposes, I don't have a need really. The computer isn't slow, nor the phone, at least for my use cases.

This OP is not supposed to be judgemental. We all have different financial situations, personal preferences, requirements, etc. One's hobby might be video games and they'd need a good computer to run the newest titles at good settings. One might do photography on their smartphone and would naturally need good stabilization and shot quality, and whatnot. One might keep stats on their body through their special watch. One might just get a very happy feeling from buying luxury items. There might be social and environmental factors at play as well.
Level 3
Jan 30, 2018
Last year was an odd one.. Bought 2 X laptops for home schooling. So there's a grand. Bought a new high powered flashlight and a retro handheld games console, Android TV stick, cheap fitness watch. Then bought a Roku to replace the rubbish Android stick. I've bought a few pairs of wireless headphones .

I started a new job so bought some stuff to make my life easier with the new work laptop.. nice wireless mouse, headset.

My phone is 2.5 years old and I'm wondering how long it's got.
Level 14
Dec 21, 2013
2004 : Xbox ~$200
2009 : Small notebook toshiba ~$300 (dead 2017)
2010 : PSP ~$200
2011 : Laptop HP pavilion 14 ~$600 (dead 2017)
2013 : iPhone 4s $0 (saving to bank for 4 years)
2016 : Laptop Acer e5 573g (i5, 940m) ~$600 (half dead)
2017 : external HDD 1tb ~$40, pen tablet One by Wacom ~$60
2018 : iPhone 6 ~$300
2019 : Laptop Acer e5 476g (i3, mx150) ~$700,
2020 : Laptop service ~$100, RAM 4gb ~$25
2021 : a normal PC+acc ~$700, 2x cheap controller ~$25, external HDD 4tb $100, pen tablet Huion Kamvas 16 $0 (giveaway), iphone charger $10, iphone 4s battery $15, a bunch of sd card ~$60, digital camera ~$150, cheap chinese phone ~$150, some camera ~$50, SSD 500gb $70
If games also a tech, then consider a ~$200 each year from 2005 to 2012. My father always buy the legit game o.o On 2013, I found out how to download PSP games freely yey. Then I also get other games. Piraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa___!

I think 2021 is my most expense o.o Maybe because I started doing art commissions and get money o.o

First time buy a PC, planning to wait and it just won't drop, even still increasing till now. Bought a controller, first time since my og xbox controller. I broke after 3 months, damn cheap chinese brand. Then bought another cheap brand o.o My parent like to record things now, with camera and a dashcam. So i bought 4tb hdd to store them. Bought new SSD for my laptop because I think it's a better deal than upgrading the RAM from 2x4gb to 2x8gb o.o With SSD, I can move it to new laptop or PC. It help me a bit opening big drawing project.

I sharing lot of things with my brother. We got our own laptop on 2016. That laptop planned to be mine, I'm the one choosing it carefully, try to find the cheapest. Then my brother took it, and it became his. So I used the old laptop, till 2019. I also bought the PC but by brother uses it the most time, making videos for his youtube channel (holo holo vtuber thingy).

I tried to buy new battery for my iphone 4s, but i think it doesnt change much. idk, one week stanby dead, is it normal?
People said iPhone are really easy to break, but I drop my iPhone a lot and it's still good. Especially my iPhone 4s. My friend's iphone get easilly broken from a 30cm drop. While mine with 1.5 meter drop, or a 4 meter kick, still fine. I only buy new (i)phone because my old iphone can't handle the newer app. I really want to get an iPhone SE next, or other with similar small size. Also really want to get a newer laptop with proper graphic card, or even a PC. Maybe next year, idk.
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